Media UK brings back the Pocket Book

The online media directory Media UK is to begin publication of a pocket book listing all licenced UK radio stations.

The book takes on a similar design to the original Radio Authority Pocket Book pictured here and will be available mid-September.

The Pocketbook was last printed in 2007 by RadioCentre (and previously the CRCA). Media UK’s Managing Director James Cridland is behind the new version and explains how the idea came about: “There was something about a small, printed, pocketbook with easy access to telephone numbers and names of stations. Partly a love of tradition, but partly the usefulness of a radio directory to flick through and make amendments in biro. And, after Capital Yorkshire’s Simon Hirst scanned a few pages on his personal Facebook page, it was clear that it wasn’t just me that missed a printed directory.”

Delegates attending the upcoming event on September 15th will be given a free copy. It lists all licenced radio stations – from BBC radio to commercial, community radio to hospital.

Stations are encouraged to update their station info in the Directory, as this information will be used in the first edition.

Posted on Thursday, August 18th, 2011 at 11:11 am by RadioToday UK

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