Breakfast DJ suspended for ignoring ads

A community radio station has suspended its breakfast show presenter for not playing scheduled commercials.

Tony Vanburger, from Seahaven FM, said he didn’t have time to fit them in to his show.

A statement from the board of management says they monitored his programme and after many warnings had no choice but to take Vanburger off-air.

But his suspension didn’t go quite according to plan after he spotted his fate on the station printer before his show, when his suspension letter appeared on the wrong printer.

Nick Mallinson from Seahaven FM says: “I had printed the letter out at home the night before while connected remotely to the Seahaven FM network while also working on the weekend playlist. The letter was printed at home and, unfortunately, on the Seahaven FM office printer by mistake. However, this does not alter the facts or the reason he was suspended.”

He continued: “There have been a number of meetings with Tony since we have been broadcasting on FM, detailing a number of issues including the adverts. He has previously admitted that not playing them was an oversight as he frequently ran out of time and wasn’t able to fit them in. We said this was totally unacceptable and any repeat of this would be treated very seriously and would probably result in him being dropped as a presenter.”

The community radio station for Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford in East Sussex has been broadcasting on 96.3 FM for nine months.

Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 7:16 am by RadioToday UK

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