Nostalgia station Angel Radio has 60s day

Hampshire community radio station Angel Radio is having a 1960s themed day and playing nothing but music from the decade.

The nostalgia station normally only plays music from years up to and including 1959.

This Saturday (5th May) it will run 60s music from 7am to 10pm and also air vintage commercials and jingles. There will also be a special guest appearance from Con Cluskey of the Bachelors and a special documentary about pirate radio.

Station Manager Tony Smith said: “Angel Radio is specifically for older people and prides itself on its unique playlist of music from 1900 to 1959, but it was recently pointed out that many people aged 60 will have very fond memories of music in the 1960s too. It is a one-off trial and we’ll see what our listeners’ reaction is. I suspect our regular listeners, who are used to the gentle nostalgic sound of Angel Radio, may find the likes of Jimi Hendrix a bit too much, while more easily accepting Simon and Garfunkel. I’m keeping an open mind and it will be a learning experience that we need to react to.”

Angel Radio started lift as month-long RSL broadcasts in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, and has been on the air full time on FM in Havant since 2002. It’s also available on digital radio.

Tony added: “Our oldest programme presenters are in their late 80s but they have agreed that they enjoy singers like Dean Martin, Perry Como and Frank Sinatra who in the 1960s were all singing the same style of song they had performed in the 1940s. Even the Beatles and the Rolling Stones performed songs originally recorded in the 1940s and 1950s, so there are strong links between the vintage music we already play to the newer records we’ll be playing on Saturday.”

Posted on Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 at 2:21 pm by RadioToday UK

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