CBeebies Radio to launch “For Real FM”

A radio show by a character on the CBeebies channel is being launched – called For Real FM.

The show will be broadcast by Mouseland’s pirate DJ Lil Patch offering listeners an insight into the life of Rastamouse and friends.

The BBC tells us “The For Real FM show will broadcast every Friday for 10 weeks and will be bursting ‘wid crucial’ songs to sing-along to, ‘bakin time wid da orphanage chef Bandulu’, ‘wicked’ character interviews, Mouseland news and a phone-in segment featuring children’s voices asking questions and taking part in a wicked memory game “Ten Second ah Tings”.

John Leagas, executive producer for CBeebies Radio, said: “CBeebies Radio allows children to enjoy listening to their favourite CBeebies characters’ latest adventures on the CBeebies Radio and podcasts. Extending popular brands beyond their television and online personas means that children will already be familiar with their favourite characters.”

Content remains available for up to seven days during which time it will be available to download as a podcast.

Other new content coming soon to CBeebies Radio includes Tree Fu Tom, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Mr Bloom’s Nursery.

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