David Tennant in a dress? Absolute-ly!

David Tennant donned a dress and wig to play the Virgin Mary in a nativity play staged live on air by the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio.

The Doctor Who star appeared in full costume alongside breakfast show host Christian O’Connell as Joseph for the tongue-in-cheek one-off performance broadcast live to the nation.

The nativity-with-a-twist also featured Arsenal legend, Ian Wright. The Absolute Radio Rock N Roll Football presenter’s mystery comedy character was revealed following weeks of on-air taunts from Christian who refused to let Wrighty see the draft script in the run up to the nativity.

Christian quipped as Ian waddled onto stage “due to budgetary constraints a dinosaur outfit was the only one available for Wrighty. Get ready for Ian Wright as the midwife dinosaur.”

Live comedy music interludes were provided by dreadlocked singer songwriter Newton Faulkner who’s just been confirmed on the line-up at the Isle of Wight Festival 2013.

Absolute Radio presenters took on the remaining roles including breakfast show co-presenter Richie Firth as “the Grumpy North star”, Travel presenter Maggie Doyle as “The Angel O’ Gabrielle”, Newsreader Andrew Bailey as “Narrator Turkey” and fellow DJ Russ Williams as “Shepherd”, the first time he’s taken on such a role in his 20 year stint at the station.

The roles of the wise men were performed by David Tennant fans who won an Absolute Radio competition to co-star with him.

The catering, drinks and costumes were donated by listeners with the whole show performed around an imposing stable and manger constructed especially for the performance by breakfast show sponsors Wickes.

Absolute Radio’s Breakfast Show host Christian O’Connell said: “Who’d have thought David Tennant would look so good in a dress and a wig?! His manly jaw-line and Adams apple were strangely attractive – I feel a new direction beckons for our Scottish friend!”

Photos credit: Absolute Radio – c/o Dwaine Field-Pellew

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