AM Stereo in use by Ireland rock station

A temporary classic rock station in Ireland, broadcasting at weekends for 15 weeks on FM and DAB, is also transmitting on AM in stereo.

zenithrockZenith Classic Rock covers the south-east of the country and the programmes are ad-free, with classic rock and album tracks.

It’s the only radio station in the UK and Ireland to transmit in stereo on AM, a transmission method which is still used in France, Italy, Greece and Canada.

Station Manager Andy Linton told RadioToday Ireland: “Given an AM Stereo compatible radio, the quality is much better than normal AM. This is because the stereo aspect requires the transmission system to be better engineered than mono, and the receiver manufacturers to take more care.

“AM Stereo sounds amazing! On our website there’s a link to a webstream which relays the AM Stereo, which will be available each weekend.”

The station can be heard 24 hours a day online, and at weekends till April on 103.8FM, DAB and Stereo AM 1584 from studios in Waterford.

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 9:28 am by RadioToday UK

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