Radio 4 marks 40 years of being in Europe

BBC Radio 4 is marking the 40th anniversary of the UK joining the European Economic Community with a special programme by Made in Manchester.

Titled “40 Years In Europe: How Was It For You?”, the documentary takes a look through the archives and asks a variety of people to assess how the subsequent four decades has impacted on their lives.

The radio and TV indie Made in Manchester recruited one-time Europe correspondent John Sergeant to host the show which will air on Radio 4 this Saturday evening from 8-9pm.

Producer Ashley Byrne says: “It is 40 years this week since Prime Minister Edward Heath took the country into the Common Market, marking a turning point in the relationship between the British people and our continental neighbours. And this programme is about that relationship.

Ashley adds: “As well as the politics and economics we look at how our food habits changed over the years, how people upped sticks for a life on the Costa Blanca and how our new found European links impacted on other areas of popular culture.”

The programme is the first BBC commission for Made in Manchester in 2013 and comes just a week after the company made a special programme about legendary impressionist Mike Yarwood for BBC Radio 2. That programme was presented by Rory Bremner.

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 4:11 pm by RadioToday UK

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