Uni radio station unable to air after 5pm

Pure FM, the University of Portsmouth’s student station is making plans to stop live shows at 5pm due to limited studio access.

The radio station is based in the Students Activity Centre, which after a recent break-in, has limited its opening hours to 9-5pm.

Before the incident, in which three iMacs were stolen, the centre was open till midnight. It provides the only access to Pure FM studios.

A petition to open the area longer has been signed by over 300 people. One of the comments aimed at the university reads: “Stop punishing the students for your inability to install some CCTV and get the secrurity guards downstairs to secure the building properly”

A Statement from the station is below:

Dear Listeners,

As you know, we haven’t had our full timetable since 5th November 2012. This was due to a break in to the Union building, which is detailed by the Union here.

We will be broadcasting Monday-Friday 9am-5pm from Monday 14th January, but we’re still working harder.

The committee are applying constant pressure onto the Union and we will be trying our best to get back to our full hours of 9am-Midnight Monday-Sunday.

If you want to show your support for the evening and weekend broadcasting, please sign the petition.

Keep listening from Monday at purefm.com, see us at Refreshers Fayre in the Union on Friday, and we’ll keep working behind the scenes.

An update will come on Monday from the Union about the hours, which we will share with you as soon as we can.

Pure FM Committee

Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 at 4:36 pm by RadioToday UK

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