Radiodays: Don’t stop the flow NRJ France

BLOG: NRJ France’s listenership has grown by 1 million listeners a year for the past three years. To explain this impressive growth Morgan Serrano, Director at NRJ France and NRJ International, Gaël Sanquer, Director of Antenna NRJ France and International, and Olaf Hopp, CEO at NRJ International, presented five key drivers behind the success of their brand:

1. NRJ uses an aggressive music strategy. They play a song as soon as it appears on the web.

  1. The station relies on powerful morning and evening shows. NRJ invites listeners into the studio and stars are a regular feature.

  2. Social networks are important for NRJ. They are on Facebook and Twitter and they offer apps for mobile listening. Their motto: we try everything to be close to the listeners.

  3. NRJ wants to be synonymous with “stars” and hit music, so they reinforce that with strong off-air marketing and events. Once a year they host their own award show in France, featuring all the biggest names in music.

  4. And maintaining the flow – that’s one essential rule for NRJ. They sell their brand through power-intros that fit perfectly with the music, and they blend in testimonials from stars without interrupting the tone of the program. Through global promos they also get excited listeners to be part of their shows.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 at 1:09 pm by RadioToday UK

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