Fire Radio to use VidiGo for live stream

Fire Radio has become the first UK radio station to sign up for the new VidiGo Visual Radio service, a new service from Amsterdam.

fireradioThe output is similar to a streaming webcam but uses multiple cameras and is fully automated depending on which microphone is live and what content is playing.

BBC Radio 5 live have been using a similar service on its website for a couple of years.

Gareth Cottier-Jansen is CEO of Triple Broadcast Co. the owner of Fire Radio: “When looking for technology for this project we knew exactly what we needed and were set on high production values, without high running costs.

“Fire Radio wanted to ensure that in a world of smart phones, tablets and connected TV’s the content of the station is not just accessible on all devices like a traditional audio only stream, but offers a rich and compelling experience. If it’s got a screen we need to use it.

“Fire Radio will give our audience the right experience at the right time, with radio, TV, web and mobile app all blurring into one. VidiGo tools allow us to take the best of ‘proper TV’ production and put in in a radio station. Many competitors have gone for simple Jukebox TV channels as a way of extending their brands, We’ve gone to the next level merging music video, live presenters, live OB’s.”

You can see the service in use at Radio 538 amongst others.

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