Apple announces new iTunes Radio service

The much anticipated ‘radio’ service by Apple has been announced and on first glance poses very little threat to traditional radio.

itunesradioThe service is similar to music streaming services such as last fm and Spotify, rather than content-led broadcast radio.

A free service, initially in the US, carries adverts whilst a premium service removes them. Custom stations can be created inside the app or on new versions of the Mac OS and Apple TV.

iTunes Radio takes your music tastes into account in order to play tracks that are likely to be in line with your tastes. It can access all iTunes music, not just songs you have purchased.


It's easy to put travel news on your radio station, from £25 a month for online stations. See for details and same day set up.
Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 8:27 pm by Duty Reporter

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