TeamRock plays last Jimi Hendrix interview

National TeamRock Radio is to broadcast the very last interview that Jimi Hendrix gave before his death, during Nicky Horne’s Classic Rock Magazine Show.

The half hour interview, recorded by music journalist, author, and press agent to Jimi Hendrix Keith Altham, took place at The Cumberland Hotel on 11th September 1970, just days before he died and has never, to this day been aired on Radio in its entirety.

Keith will join Nicky in the studio on 18th September at 6pm to talk about some of the private conversations that took place prior to the recording, including, discussing changing agents and returning to mentor and original manager Chas Chandler as well as what really happened when Hendrix was kidnapped and thrown into a cellar for three days in New York.

“Jimi was a difficult man to interview,” says Altham. “Speaking barely above a whisper and his rambling replies often trailed off into space with ‘ecetera, ecetera, ecetera’ or ‘whatever as his long fingers fluttered to tired eyes, he had an unhealthy almost khaki complexion at this time.”

Nicky Horne said: “We are delighted that Keith is allowing us to play this exceptional interview in full for all Jimi’s fans to listen too. It will be quite an amazing moment.”

Posted on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 4:17 pm by RadioToday UK

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