Presenter in Twitter rant after leaving station

A Sunshine Radio presenter has been tweeting continuous references to being sacked, and even tweeting other stations asking for a job.

Ian Davies left Sunshine Radio’s studio on Friday after being told he will no longer be hosting the weekday afternoon show and moving to weekends instead, by new Programme Controller Shaun Tilley.

But Ian decided to tell Twitter he had been sacked, and references to Shaun’s personal life and a court case which happened 10 years ago was mentioned.

The social media posts started with “I’ve just been sacked” followed by “Looking for a job” and dozens of retweets from listeners demanding to know why.

But the station has responded, telling RadioToday Ian was not fired but offered a chance to present on weekends, and that they are still awaiting his decision.

The statement from Sunshine Radio, which they have requested to be printed in full, is as follows:

Ian Davies has always been a show and go presenter due to his DJ commitments elsewhere. I explained to him that Sunshine Radio in Hereford had to implement a workforce restructure, meaning we needed three daytime presenters going forward who could also take on another key role in the business. This has become the norm at radio stations our size. One of our presenters is also Station Manager, another has taken on a role in programme and commercial production while Ian was not able to take on any extra duties.

He was understandably, extremely unhappy with the situation yet he seemed to accept that it was not a decision made by me personally but a company one based on the fact he could not commit to a full working day in the office and then in the studio. We feel it’s hugely important to stress that he was not in any way fired by the radio station and furthermore, he was offered the chance to stay on the weekend presenter line up. He said he needed time to think about it so we were shocked by his claims of ‘being fired’ on social media immediately after our conversation on Friday night. Being as this was a company decision, not anything I instigated personally I am naturally horrified that I’ve been relentlessly abused on social media by supporters of Ian since Friday.

It seems I’m now also the subject of a Facebook group wanting me out of Sunshine Radio and I have even received correspondence targeting my family with further abuse, which is most worrying and sickening of all. I’m not permitted to reveal any more details as this situation is now being handled by West Mercia Police. However, I’m hugely grateful to the large number of Programme Directors from around the commercial radio network and the Managing Editors from BBC radio who’ve been in touch to offer me some incredible support.

In addition, Ian Davies has told RadioToday: “I had a great 7 years at Sunshine Radio and enjoyed working alongside all of the staff and presenters. I use Facebook & Twitter to engage with my listeners and want to express that I do not agree with any misuse of social media. The reason why I tweeted what I did on Friday 13th February 2015, is because after spending 7 years of my life sharing my daily experiences with the listeners on air and on social media it was the best way of sharing my shock with them. I consider them not just listeners but my friends as well. The response has been overwhelming and I do miss the privilege of broadcasting everyday and I hopefully will get the opportunity to get back on air soon.”

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Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 10:30 am by RadioToday

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