Sending your news to RadioToday

Most of our news comes from pre-made press releases prepared by radio stations, presenters, and marketing departments.

We welcome news in all formats, but a quick email to with all the important points is the best way to reach us.

We receive dozens of emails a day with information, so the clearer your email, the better.

Here are a few things we love:

  • News! Make sure you are sending details about something new and exciting that the rest of the industry would enjoy reading about. We don’t usually do station profiles or general company updates
  • Receiving a few paragraphs in plain text, followed by a quote from the person or people involved and a bit of background info is usually all we need
  • If your news is about a new presenter or member of staff starting, let us know who is being replaced and what happened to them. We like to know the full story involved
  • Avoid using opinions or self-praising text such as award-winning, legendary, or going into too much technical detail
  • If you include your Twitter username we can give you a mention in our article tweet
  • Embargos! If you can plan ahead and send us your news ahead of sharing the news yourself, we can schedule a story in advance giving you more chance of appearing sooner
  • Let us break your news – if you are sending your news to us first, let us know, we love an exclusive!

What about images and photos?

  • We’d love to include photos in our stories, and an image 1000×700 pixels in png or jpg is the format we use on our site for station logos. If you can prepare your logo or photo to this size, that would help our team.
  • If you have videos or audio, we’d prefer to embed this from your own channels, such as YouTube or Twitter rather than hosting ourselves

How quick will your news be on our site?

  • There’s only usually one person around to post news, and they are not always on duty due to other work. If you don’t hear back from us or see your story online within a few days, please resend, we won’t be offended.


If you want to get in touch for any other reason, please use our contact page.

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