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Blog by Steve Penk: 2016 has been a fascinating year with the loss of so many amazing artists.

When I created and launched Radio Dead (March 2016) as an internet/app based radio station, I obviously had no clue how the idea would be received by both listeners and the radio industry.

Both have been hugely positive and the reaction from listeners has surpassed my expectations. From all the feedback I get everyday, listeners are loving it, mainly because it’s new and unique. Now when a famous singer dies, Radio Dead is fast becoming the first radio brand that listeners think of, with listeners being the first to let me know that a famous singer has joined the Radio Dead playlist.

When Prince died I was absolutely swamped with thousands of messages via social media that another artist was now available for the Radio Dead playlist, that’s pretty powerful stuff.

After the success of the Radio Dead App in 2016, I am now planning to create a spin-off weekly two-hour radio show called ‘Radio Dead’ that I would like to offer to all radio stations (Radio groups, independents, community stations, FM/AM/DAB stations). I think Radio Dead could bring an interesting and fresh dimension to weekend listening on your radio station in 2017.

This is not just an oldies show, it’s far more than that.

When you consider the Gold/Oldies format is now 30 years old, THIS is a fresh, exciting and contemporary reinvention of that format, and it keeps changing.

Every time a famous singer dies your ‘Radio Dead Show’ will become talked about, no other music radio format in the world can generate that instant news worthy reaction. Even the name of the show will create talkability amongst your listeners – Radio Dead on (name of station) will be interesting and unique.

As well as the weekly two hour Radio Dead show, I would also like to offer the Radio Dead format as a full 24 hour radio station, I am happy to help you build and programme the radio station.

The new show is available to all broadcasters (UK and internationally) and will be a celebration and tribute to all the amazing artists who are sadly no longer with us.

The Rat Pack to 2Pac. An amazing mix of artists including Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Glenn Frey (Eagles) John Lennon, Donna Summer, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury. Radio Dead will not just feature solo artists and lead singers, but also guitarists, drummers, keyboardists and backing singers from famous groups/bands that are no longer with us, making Radio Dead a fascinating and compelling listen.

Always positive, always joyous, this new weekly two hour spin off show from the hugely popular Radio Dead App, will bring a NEW appointment to listen to weekend programming on your radio station. A totally fresh and unique format that will get your listeners talking in 2017.

Radio Dead will be Presented and Exec Produced by Steve Penk Media. Please contact me direct via the contact form at

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