Free Radio Birmingham escapes new networking

Free Radio Birmingham has introduced a new local daytime show whilst its sister stations go networked from Manchester during the day.

Until last week, Dan Morrissey hosted a regional show on Free Radio Birmingham, Coventry & Warwickshire, Black Country, Herefordshire & Worcestershire and Shropshire. Now, all stations, with the exception of Birmingham, are taking Debbie Mac’s networked show from Manchester.

The move means the former BRMB station is live and local from 6am to 7pm – apart from the network anthems show 2-3pm presented by Wes Butters, with Lauren, Tim, Mitch & Lovdev on Breakfast, Dan on daytime and Dan Kelly on the Home Run.

Andy Ashton, Regional Content Director Free Radio Birmingham confirmed to RadioToday, saying: “We’re delighted to welcome Debbie Mac to our mid-mornings across our Free stations outside of Birmingham. In Birmingham, we continue local programming to support our exciting new Breakfast Show.

“Lauren, Tim, Mitch and Lovdev have hit the ground running with a stand out offering at breakfast, and Dan Morrisey will do an excellent job of replaying best bits of the Babs, as well as drive awareness and trial of this unique and thoroughly entertaining and energetic new show”.

Free Radio Birmingham has just reported its lowest ever RAJAR, with an audience of 262,000 in a TSA of 2.62 million, and its lowest ever Total Hours.

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  1. Raz says

    Can the last listener to leave turn out the lights?

  2. Andy says

    This also means there’s a different offer in the huge crossover area in the Black Country between what was beacon and brmb which means finally the two free radios have a bit of separation. That’s good news, just a shame it’s via Manchester and not a program out of free(beacon)

  3. Lee says

    I am fed up with networking. I can see why the listener figures are going down. Serves them right. The audience’s once enjoyed by BRMB and Beacon have well and truly gone. Says something doesn’t it?

    1. simon Cole says

      That`s why Wave105 does so well ,cause its programmes are all local.

  4. Len Groat says

    I’m imagining what the IBA would have said in the ‘good old days’ if BRMB had asked to take network shows from Piccadilly!!

    I may be a ‘radio dinosaur’ but we had the GREAT days of LOCALLY produced radio. I feel very sorry for the ‘presenters’ who lose their jobs due to networking, or the ‘Content Directors’ who dreamt of being a Programme Controller when they were young….

    My advice for anyone aspiring to a ‘career’ (ha ha) in radio?

    Get a job in TV!

  5. Chris says

    I have stopped listening to 97.2, shame really as i heard the first broadcast from Beacon on 12.04.1976 with Mike Baker opening the station up.

    RIP Beacon Radio, you will never be forgotten.

    1. Jake says

      Hi Chris, I can’t get it on FM but remembered listening online to the last few years it was Beacon, great station. You mentioned 97.2 there, I know a station you could listen to instead. 97.2 Wythenshawe FM! I’m on it every Monday and it’s a great community station. You don’t get much more local than community radio!

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