Jeremy Wright QC appointed as Digital Secretary


The MP for Kenilworth and Southam, Jeremy Wright QC, has been named as secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport following Matt Hancock’s move.

It’s the first time that Jeremy has been made a secretary of state, and reports are already questioning his qualifications for the position based on his lack of activity on Twitter.

He’s only tweeted a few times, with the last being three years ago. His Facebook page is more active, with around 600 followers although his last profile photo, above, was updated in 2015.

Jeremy served as attorney general for England and Wales since 2014 but will now turn his attention to media, culture, and all things related to the development of digital radio.

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  1. Adrian says

    Doubt if it will make any difference,the civil servants will probably tell him what to do and anyway in my opinion British Radio has all but gone down the pan whatever he does,If he doesn’t do much on Twitter of Facebook I don’t see that as a problem as lot’s of people including members of my own family waste so much time doing so that many things never get done!.

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