Presenter Jon Gaunt joins Radio Sputnik Worldwide


Broadcaster Jon Gaunt is to host a new radio show with the worldwide news agency Radio Sputnik.

The former talkRADIO presenter will have a different guest each week in “Shooting from the Lip”, will debut this Friday (6th July) on Sputnik’s English language service located on their website from 6pm-6.30pm and will kick off with British politician and UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, who will be challenging an array of highly provocative issues.

Editor in Chief Mark Hirst, said: “We are delighted to welcome Jon to Radio Sputnik with his new show, Shooting from the Lip. Jon is an established broadcaster and radio host with years of experience behind him. His shows are thought provoking and often tackle highly controversial topics and subject matters.

“At Sputnik we offer a platform to a wide range of voices and opinions right across the political spectrum. Shooting from the Lip will help us reach an even more listeners and I am certain Jon’s views and the guests he has on his show will prompt a reaction and stimulate debate and discussion.”

Jon Gaunt adds: “I have loved writing columns for Sputnik and getting reactions from around the world and now I am hoping to have the same impact with ‘Shooting from the Lip’ where I’ll be speaking with leading figures in the political world. I enjoy the freedom that Sputnik affords me to speak my mind and to let other people express their opinions with no pre-set agenda or censorship.”

Jon’s own online radio station, talk2me radio, closed earlier this year.

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  1. Sergiolomhi says


  2. Joe Smith says

    Agreed. Having a loud mouth doesn’t make you a broadcaster.

    1. Sergilomghi says


  3. Stephen Hall says

    If there’s no censorship and no agenda, it’ll be interesting to see how many guests aren’t on the far end of right wing politics.
    Go on, Jon…. prove me wrong.

  4. Sean judge says

    Fantastic! melt the snowflakes jon!!


    Another great programme by the Great Interrogator Jon Gaunt. Sputnik is the new name for Voice of Russia, like worldwide radio station based in Moscow. Best of luck, Mr. Gaunt. I always listen to this guy, ever since his BBC Three Counties And 1053/1089 talk sport morning shows!

    1. Joe Smith says

      Very brave of you to publicly admit your problems.

  6. Mark Budgen says

    Plus his progrrrrrrrrrramme hasn’t gone out yet, so how come you know it’s berrrrrrrrilliant and grrrrrrrreat?

  7. Lincoln Noel says

    Well done Jon, you need a bit of luck in your life. Does it mean working away?

    1. Joe Smith says


  8. Jon Adams says

    I for one am very glad Jonathan has a paying gig.I had such high hopes for his own radio station but getting sacked from there must have shaken his otherwise rock solid confidence.His other admitted personal problems such as the inability to be rock solid again have shaken him but like a human form of webble he has not been knocked over.Bouncing back to where he belongs (an obscure internet radio station shilling for a foreign government).The best of British to You Gaunt,the best Of British

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