East London Radio searches for all-time Top 100

Online community station East London Radio is on a mission to find out what is East London’s favourite music of all time.

The search will be conducted via a large leaflet door drop to East London residences and businesses, and promoted via posters which will be displayed in retailers and other public places to encourage listeners and non-listeners to send in their personal Top 10 favourites.

There will also be a social media campaign to raise awareness of the voting via the ELR website.

Ian Chambers, ELR Managing Director says “Everyone likes music of some sort, so this is a chance for East Londoners, for the first time ever, to tell us their Top 10 favourite tracks, so we can add the votes up to see what are the most popular across East London. I’m fascinated to see what songs make the Top 100.”

Paul Robinson, Chair of ELR added “This is probably the largest single poll of musical tastes in East London ever undertaken and I am expecting a very diverse and exciting mix of tracks to come from what is one of the most dynamic, multicultural and innovative regions of the UK.”

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  1. Joe Smith says

    A top 100. What an original idea.

    1. Paul N Robinson says

      I think the resultant songs will be highly original and very eclectic. Paul

      1. Joe Smith says

        ha ha ha!

  2. Neal says

    Yes such an original idea! More to the point what a great pity that the two original presenters of the first top 100 in London Roger Scott and Kenny Everett are not still with us and that the Capital Radio they broadcast it on is now such a poor imitation of what it used to be!! Two DJs whose passion and love of radio still stands mountains above those behind the microphones today who are shackled ball and chain to bosses whose only motivation is money and power and safe repetitive playlists. Move with the times I will no doubt be told on these pages yet again but if you’ve ever heard those two broadcasters at work please you can’t possibly think anyone on the radio today can hold a candle to Roger and Kenny

    1. Paul Robinson says

      I can’ t disagree. Roger Scott and Kenny Everett were two of our finest broadcasters. Both very different styles and yet they complemented each other perfectly and worked brilliantly together on the All Time Top 100 and Help a London Child when they were paired up. Roger’s dry wit and economy of words, Kenny’s lunacy and creativity were an inspiration. I miss them on air very much.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Roger Scott was an absolutely fantastic broadcaster. Sadly he probably wouldn’t get a job on radio nowadays with him not being a failed soap star.

        1. Paul Robinson says

          I like to think that he might have been on Radio 2 produced by Phil Swern playing rock and roll

  3. Neal says

    There is a brilliant website dedicated to Roger Scott put together by Roger’s son Jamie. On there you will find the Top 100 with Roger and Kenny and a large selection of Roger’s radio shows both Capital and Radio 1. All you DJ’s and big gun companies out there today take a listen to any of the shows on there especially the Scott on Sunday shows to hear how radio should sound. I literally can not put into words my utter dismay when I compare Roger’s shows to almost all of the junk that comes out of my radio these days. Those responsible should be ashamed of how far things have sunk by comparison. Move with the times Neal! You cannot be serious if think anything you hear today is better than any of Roger’s shows you will find on his sons Jamie’s tribute website???

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