Lochbroom FM in trouble for not broadcasting

The commercial radio service for Ullapool, Lochbroom FM, has been found in breach of its licence for not providing a service.

Ofcom was informed that the station has not been broadcasting since April 2018, therefore decided it is not delivering a service in accordance with its published Format.

The regulator asked the Licensee about the breach, but did not get a reply from the station.

Lochbroom FM has, since 2012, rebroadcast the programmes of neighbouring Two Lochs Radio on its FM frequencies, with occasional local opt-outs. The station’s stream has fallen silent and there is no activity on social media or recent updates to its website.

Ofcom said: In this case, Lochbroom FM has failed to provide the service since April 2018 and is therefore in breach of conditions 2(1) and 2(4) of its licence.”

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  1. Adrian says

    Had to have a chuckle at this article, not that the lack of the station on the air is amusing in itself but Ofcom don’t exactly seem to be on the ball from what you write!.

    1. Morr Al says

      Isnt Loch Broom the/was the smallest station in the UK, perhaps some people from Ofcom should go up to Loch Broom, who knows what they might find in the Loch.
      Possibly a few haggis🤔 have got into the studio and caused havoc. Seems strange that the station has gone silent 😶

  2. Allan Wallace says

    Help ma’ Boab.

  3. Mr Boltar says

    You have to admire Ofcom in how they consistently maintain their imagine of being utterly clueless mouth breathers who nevermind not having their finger on the pulse, they can’t even find their finger to start with.

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