Radio Times from the 1940s available online

The BBC has made the 1940s issues of the Radio Times magazine publicly available online for the first time.

The release, by the BBC Genome Project, covers World War Two, the immediate post-war years and key landmark events in British history such as the Royal Wedding in 1947 and the 1948 London Olympics.

The 1940s also saw the beginnings of long-standing programmes: Woman’s Hour, Any Questions? and Desert Island Discs.

During the first half of the decade Radio Times magazines became slimmer, as resources were diverted to the war effort. Programme billings were often written allusively, with precise locations concealed to avoid giving away too much information for security reasons.

Prof. Jean Seaton, Historian of the BBC, comments: “This release gives a gripping insight into Britain during the Second World War. It shows everyday life, the tension of the blitz and the D-Day landings on Europe. But the excitement of the post war Royal Wedding and the thrill of the London Olympics are also there. The Radio Times takes you directly to what it was like to live through a pivotal decade in the nation’s history.”

Access the 1940s editions of the Radio Times online here.

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  1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

    “The good old days when children respected their elders, we had ration books, there was no EU and Bauer and Global didn’t buy out local radio stations and rebrand them” – The dinosaurs that populate this site

    1. Joe Smith says

      Isn’t it time for your medication?

  2. Ron Dobbyn says

    Bring Back ” Workers Playtime”, ” Have a go”, and” Mrs Dales Diary” Ron ” Irma” Dobbyn

  3. Ron Dobbyn says

    It’s should have read Ron. ” ITMA ” Dobbyn, it’s that man again.

  4. Ron Dobbyn says

    ” Have a go ” was a great show with Wilfred Pickles, his wife Mabel, on the table, with Violet ” Ena Sharples ” Carson on the piano.. ” Down your way” was good too, it came to your town , and down your street. Does anyone remember the west country version of ” The Archers”, “The Luscombes”? And whatever happened to that great Welsh “Children’s Hour” playwright Marjorie Wynn Williams , she wrote great serials.

  5. Ron Dobbyn says

    The best radio show today is the radio/ TV memories sectioñ of Bob Mills Sunday night Talk Radio show ” Tragedy Plus Time”. His piece on Elsie, and Doris Walters was surperb. I

  6. Ron Dobbyn says

    Then there was ” The Brian’s Trust”, ” ToyTown” with Larry the Lamb, ” and “InTown Tonight”. They said they stopped the roar of London traffic for that show. That’s my last comment for now, off to have a cup of tea.

  7. Radio Geordie says

    My gripe is the fact that it only lists the London area and nothing when they started printing regional editions. Not offence, but it would be nice to find out what was being broadcast in my area rather than what southerns were listening to.

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