Sue Sweeney in sudden radio departure from BBC Newcastle

Long-serving BBC local radio presenter Sue Sweeney has made a sudden exit from BBC Newcastle.

Sue started work at BBC Radio Cleveland over 20 years ago before moving to Newcastle where she hosted a number of different programmes. She was most recently hosting weekends.

No mention was made of her impending departure during her last programme, with Sue telling listeners she’ll be back as usual ‘next week’. This has left fans believing Sue was told of her exit after her last show.

Sue tweeted today (Monday) to say it is time to hang up her headphones and move on to pastures new.

Tamsin Robson is now listed on the schedule in Sue’s place.

A BBC spokesperson told RadioToday: “She’s entertained audiences in the North East for more than twenty years and we’re grateful for her hard work and wish her well for the future.”

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Sadly many radio stations are incapable of treating their presenters as human beings or treating their audience as having any intelligence at all.

    No wonder radio is in such a state in this country.

  2. neal says

    Totally agree Joe what a completely deplorable way to treat people. I so wish the majority of us and WE ARE the majority could muster together the guts to take these minority of Gods on before they actually have the keys to all the asylums-assuming we are not too late already?!

  3. Radio Geordie says

    That’s typical of most radio stations now isn’t it?
    “We’re replacing you with someone younger and cheaper than you”.

  4. Stephen Johnson says

    Sue is a broadcasting legend in the North East and appealed to both young and old. She was a big part of peoples lives over a 20 year career on the radio. Sue wil be a big big miss to so many people. A very strange decision by a radio station who have been losing thousands of listeners in the past year or two. Cheaper and inadequate replacements wont reverse that trend I doubt

  5. Ron Dobbyn says

    Whatever happened to BBC Radio London ,s excellent presenter Simon Lederman?. We were told 2 years ago he was badly injured in an accident, but he hasn’t been heard of since. Does anyone know how, and where he is ?

    1. David says

      Wikipedia could have the details..
      Google using different browsers/internet providers usually brings up something

  6. The Inspector says

    I worked at a station where the presenter finished their shift and was met by 2 members of the Constabulary who took the presenter to the local nick. Presenter wasn’t on air the next day…..Imagine it happening now….Constables turn up and find the presenter is voice tracked.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Perhaps they could arrest the Global/Bauer executive (puppet) in charge of the station instead?

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