Nation Radio promotes local angle in Scotland

As Capital Scotland and Heart Scotland promote national breakfast shows, Nation Radio is going big on its local show.

A giant billboard has been put in place advertising that Nation Radio is local from Scotland 24/7.

The huge site – said to be the biggest advertising billboard in Scotland – measures 26m x 19m and overlooks the busiest motorway junction in Scotland at the M8/M77 merge, where more than 150,000 vehicles a day travel.

Jason Bryant, the Executive Chairman of Nation Radio said: “We wanted to make a splash in announcing that we are locally-produced 24 hours a day and all our presenters live and broadcast in the area. We kept the message simple on the billboard as most car drivers will be scooting past at 60 miles per hour except during the rush hour where it’s more likely to be 10 miles per hour! We did consider putting a 20m high picture of Derek McIntyre our Breakfast presenter on the billboard but we didn’t want the passing drivers distracted by his stunning good looks!”

The billboard site is on the gable end wall of Channel 4’s news operation in Glasgow and is seven storeys high. The cost of the campaign is estimated to be a five-figure sum and it’s calculated the billboard will be seen over 7.5 million times during the campaign.

Nation Radio Scotland started broadcasting last October to a TSA of 1.8 million listeners and in its first RAJAR book achieved a weekly reach of 50,000 and 8.9 hours per listener.

Both Capital and Heart are running billboard campaigns in the Glasgow too to advertise their new UK national breakfast shows.

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  1. AndrewB says

    24/7 Suzie McGuire? When does she get to sleep!

    1. Almorr says

      That poster gives you the impression that she broadcasts 24/7, 7 days a week. Its the station that broadcasts 24/7, not Suzie

  2. Radio Geordie says

    These posters have been around for a couple of weeks – in fact, they started to appear around the time when Heart Breakfast went national.
    The same thing happened in Wales as well.

  3. Diandalscotland says

    Why have Susys name on the board.?
    Better with none or should have promoted Dinky doo

  4. Mark Budgen says

    More of the SAME music at the SAME time each day, Nation Radio. Aberdeen radio from Edinburgh….

    1. Norman says

      “Aberdeen radio from Edinburgh”?

  5. Iona says

    Odd that the byline on this article is one Steve Delahaye – the on-air alias of Spencer Pryor, formerly of Your Radio

    1. John S says

      Iona , just a cut n paste of a press release about a poster. News?

    2. Spencer Pryor says

      Odd – not really? I’ve been a working journalist for decades, long before I got involved in radio. And no it wasn’t a press release story – I’ve been driving past this huge billboard four times a day for the past month!

  6. Phillip swift says

    Nation does well and is truly local, so local for the presenters they only have to walk into their spare room/voice track studio.

  7. Len Groat says

    Very well done ti really HIT thrm where it hurts….

    …. their bland “one size fits all” radio……

  8. DaveP says

    Yes apparently all presenters are voice tracked from a home location. Some of the home microphones used are not really up to ‘pro’ broadcast standards, but the music programming is not too bad for the target audience on the old Q96Fm frequency.

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