Heart presenter Danny Matthews returns with online station

Danny Matthews, former breakfast show presenter at The Bay and Heart North Lancashire & Cumbria, has joined an online station for Morecambe.

He’ll be hosting a special welcome show at Triple M on Saturday 7th of September and this will be the first of four programmes for Danny.

The other three will be Solid Gold Sunday – the name of a programme he used to host on The Bay before it was rebranded as Heart.

The programmes will air on September the 22nd, 6th of October and the 20th of October between 10am & 1pm.

Danny continues to be involved in live entertainment around Morecambe Bay hosting key annual events such as the main stage at Morecambe Carnival, Cartmel Races & The Love Barrow Awards.

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  1. Nev jack says

    Where are all the regional commercials going? Eg the bay,Viking,,etc, disappearing all over the country! All we have now is a countrywide commercial group ,Bauer,global,etc, taking over all these stations, no local interest. Am waiting for our regional stations” Signal” in Staffs & Salop to be swallowed up soon! What’s offcom playing at?

  2. PC in Spain says

    All the various Charities up, down and around the country needing somebody to open the local Fete are now without a local Presenter to come along and show their face or judge the dog show which will hit their profits.
    Don’t think Ashley thought of that!

  3. Richard says

    They seem to miss the point that these radio stations are supposed to be local, with a local presenter with local content that talks about local things! Not national generic automation controlled by a computer,that adds local news prerecorded to pretend it’s local! If I wanted to tune into a national station instead of a local one I would tune into a good radio station like the BBC ones not a pretend local /networked from London radio station! Ofcom what have you done all those talented local djs lost.

  4. Dan Dean says

    Ah yes Richard..you mean those stations that were in a financial mess, only kept alive by banks afraid to shut them down because of the publicity much like these small football clubs….if they were in any line of business they would have been closed down. You mean the ones that nobody listened too, you went into local “businesses” to the sound of Radio 1 and 2….now I do walk into places to the sound of these Global stations. TRUTH IS ….they were amateurish with their dim Breakfast crew’s who thought everyone was as interested in their lives as they were… the public at large does have an interest in what a national personality says and does, they could not care less about the local radio DJ….in fact , local radio till Global was seen as a joke and nobody except the staff took them seriously. We have seen them standing on a stage at the village fair with nobody taking any interest in them…asking ..who are they?!!…Had Global not bought these stations they would have gone to the wall because the financial landscape is now different and please look at the listening figures ….THEY ARE higher and they are also making money. Radio is a business, it’s nothing else..never was!!!…anyone who thinks that needs a reality check. The only people who care about where the station is based are anoraks, as far as those that listen, the millions, they could not careless…it is about sounding, BIG and Professional and the only people who go on about the music, how they operate a small playlist are DJ’s and anoraks because the listeners like those songs as the number of people listening prove….

    1. Joe Smith says

      How incredibly pompous to think you speak on behalf of “the public at large”.

    2. Mr Boltar says

      What a lot of c**p.

      If these little stations were all such a mess with no listeners why were they bought out instead of the larger groups just waiting for them to go bust and then apply for the license? Just because you buy a station doesn’t mean you get to keep the license when renewal time comes up.

  5. Craig Strong says

    You are very wrong about radio just always being a business.
    At one time Radio was about people who cared about it, and not just for the money.
    Many stations were financially viable, they weren’t all just bought up because they were losing money.
    At one time you had local and national radio, now, with the exception of community radio and the BBC, all you have now is National commercial radio

  6. MoJo says

    A presenter dropped for networking resorts to “broadcasting” on a station which is a poor but blatant rip off of an Australian network made up of stations that were once local but since have been rebranded “Triple M” and are networked most of the time.

    Irony overload.

    1. Mike Rose says

      The station is nothing to do with the Australian network and is not a copy of them. The strapline was thought of first, the name 2nd. Look carefully and you can probably work it out as long as it doesn’t give you irony overload.

  7. John Ross says

    @ Craig Strong There is still commercial local radio dotted about, and to be fair to Bauer, they have left my 2 local radio stations (Stray FM and Trax FM) unscathed while they’re in hold. What will happen once the competition authority has given the go ahead I don’t know, but I do know I won’t be listening if it becomes part of a national network.

    @Dan Dean You certainly don’t speak for me on the local radio front, nor I dare say countless others. Also as far as I’m aware, UKRD (Stray FM) is profitable.

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