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Rachel Chew heads to Oman for Hi FM Drive

Former Nation Radio breakfast co-host and Jack FM presenter Rachel Chew has been hired by Hi FM in Oman to team up with Chris Birks on Drive.

Chris, who has been hosting the 4pm to 7pm show for just over two years said: “We’ve had the best ever year in terms of growth in audience for the show and Hi FM overall, so when the chance came to partner up with someone, I knew we had to find the right person. Considering how much we laughed whilst recording our pilot show and how easy we found it, I can feel ‘Chris & Rachel’ is going to be one of those special and rare on-air partnerships.”

Rachel said: “I am over the moon to be back on air, especially in a beautiful country like Oman, and I can’t wait to take on this exciting new challenge with Chris, despite his weird obsessions with Harry Potter, Alan Partridge and jingles.”

Rachel has previously worked for Nation Radio, Jack FM Berkshire and Sam FM.

Robin Banks, Hi FM’s Content Director said: “We got hundreds of applications from the UK alone and some pretty big names too, its obviously great for us but a sad state for UK radio when amazing presenters have got to look 3,500 miles away for a job!

“I was so impressed with Rachel and think she’ll fit in brilliantly in Oman and really add something different to our output when we team her with Chris.”

Chris & Rachel start Sunday, September 1st at 4pm (1pm GMT) on Hi FM, Oman.

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  1. Marje Lammories says

    So people do actual get these jobs then that are advertised with a gmail account or similar? Loving the yawnsome hype that innumerable stacks of people applied and “some pretty big names” Presumably we’re all meant to be excited that these big names wanted desperately to go and work for a really spurious sounding company in Oman! I dare say most applicants didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply, which seems to be par for the course.Meh.

  2. kelly anderson says

    can’t wait to see her on oman come dine with me. meh

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