Beat Radio goes off-air after all station audio deleted

Community station Beat Radio has been broadcasting non-stop music, ads and idents for almost a week following an electrical issue at its studio base.

The station tells RadioToday all of the audio on the studio computers was deleted last Wednesday but it will be back to normal programming by the end of the month once it has rebuilt its playout system.

Beat Radio, previously known as City Beat and Preston FM, was silent for around 24 hours and the station was padlocked with a chain over the weekend by a Director.

However, there have been other issues at the station recently with presenters leaving and at least one other Director resigning over the situation. The station’s website is also down, after being redirected to a rival station for a period of time over the weekend.

A message on the station’s Facebook page reads:

“Thankyou for liking and following our 103.2 Beat Radio Facebook page. We’ve been receiving messages about the radio station’s silence recently. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, we experienced an electrical fault at the guild hall and were unable to broadcast. That said, we’re back now playing non-stop music whilst we iron out any other gremlins. Thanks for bearing with us whilst we’re resolving some issues.


RadioToday also understands the station is currently under investigation for not sticking to its Key Commitments prior to the recent incidents.

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    They couldn’t broadcast because the audio on their computers were deleted? Is this a joke? Have they never heard of doing backups or even just playing CDs or USB sticks for heavens sake!

    Sounds like a poor excuse for some other problem they don’t want to discuss.

    1. Alan says

      Agree with Mr Boltar, maybe the Ofcom investigation will bring the real reasons to the fore.

  2. Mike Rose says

    About time a lot of these community stations were put out of their misery…and ours. Loads of them are so embarrassing to listen to.

  3. Abbie says

    Close it down. This kind of airing of dirty laundry through the pages of Radio Today is embarrassing and damaging for the sector as a whole.

    If grown men can’t run a business professionally and resolve differences without taking to Facebook, they should hand back the licence.

    1. LJ says

      Abbie strong words.Do you know me?

      1. Mark Levy says

        The curse of technology! Just go back to vinyl or cd!

      2. Abbie says

        Thankfully not.

        I don’t know why this licence is still operational. It was licensed to Prescap for a station covering arts and music in the Preston area. When Prescap folded, it somehow morphed into a “Dance and RnB” station, a pound-shop version of Capital or Kiss.

        The licence should have disappeared when Preston FM disappeared, and if someone wanted to apply to run a pop station on the frequency it could have been applied for through the normal channels.

  4. Alan Hall says

    Yes, this station should have kept backups so as they
    could get the station back on air as soon as. Very badly

    1. Alan Hall says

      A real lesson for them to remember .

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