Plans being made to bring back the Beat 106 name

A new online service could launch next year using Capital Scotland’s original on-air name, Beat 106.

Richard Wilkinson, who is planning to bring back the name 20 years after it originally launched, tells RadioToday about the project: “A lot of the great Beat 106 DJs have agreed to come on board and I’m looking forward to being able to announce some huge Club 106 live events very soon.”

“It’s so exciting to announce the return of Beat 106 Scotland next year. For a while it was THE radio station that everyone that loved dance music listened to. Everyone involved as part of the original station launch in 1999 was always being asked, ‘When’s it coming back?’.

“It’s early days yet but the plan is to launch the station in summer 2020.”

Global kept the registered trademark for the name when it rebranded it to XFM Scotland in 2006, and has renewed it ever since, until recently. The Scottish regional service is currently owned by Communicorp and branded as Capital.

Now, project founder Richard Wilkinson has applied to trademark the name and a logo for Beat 106, which is currently in Pre-Publication to enable the launch of the service.

RadioToday has contacted Global for a comment about the use of the name.

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  1. David says

    If Global haven’t renewed the trademark then there would be no grounds to stop the The Beat 106 name being used. Also Global aren’t exactly using it. Wonder if they have renewed Galaxy.

  2. BB Galsgow says

    Nuts…. it had it’s day and time has moved on. In the digital age there is plenty of choice that covers all genres of music, so wallowing in nostalgia relating to a station that was only moderately successful is utter fantasy.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Wallawing in nostalgia? I guess you haven’t noticed all the Absolute *0s stations not to mention all the Gold repeaters everywhere. Nostalgia pays – its the kids listening to current “hits” who listen online and not on air.

    2. MF O'Connor says

      It’s a perfectly good idea as a “launch-pad” but it will be all about keeping it going in the long term

    3. MF O'Connor says

      It wasnt ‘”moderately successful”….beat had a launch RAJAR of 13%, c.480,000 reach in its first year and a sale price of £33million. Pretty impressive stats!

  3. Diandal Scotland says

    They could launch on central mux dab+ 48k left

  4. Darren says

    I’d like to be positive, but have a agree with BB, complete waste of time energy and money – nobody cares sadly!

  5. Alan Hall says

    Beat 106 do not even give a hint where their studios will be in Glasgow. Looking forward to hearing them when they do come on.

  6. Alan Hall says

    Where are their studios going to be in Glasgow.

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