Sine FM in trouble for 65 swear words broadcast in one hour

Community radio station Sine FM in Doncaster has been found in breach of the Broadcast Code for playing a music mix containing over 60 swear words.

The station says the presenter of High Definition, an Urban music show, was distracted by an urgent family phone call so selected an unedited mix of music tracks to play out by mistake.

Higher Rhythm, which holds the licence for Sine FM, apologised for this incident and accepted this part of the show was “littered with expletives”.

The Licensee said the type of language that was the subject of this complaint was “strictly prohibited” from being broadcast on the station and was “simply down to human error”.

It said all Sine FM volunteers are given training about Ofcom broadcasting rules, adding this error had been discussed “at length” with the presenter. The Licensee told Ofcom the presenter had voluntarily stepped down citing his “own lack of preparation for being the cause of the error”.

Higher Rhythm also said that, in the wider context of this radio show, some of the lyrics would use language typical of music within the Urban genre. However, the Licensee accepted the wrong tracks had been broadcast in error during this programme and that there was “no justification” for the context in which this material was played.

Ofcom found the station in breach, saying it was particularly concerned at the repeated use of the most offensive language, and other offensive language, in the early evening.

The list of songs and swears words are in the image below. Only click to open full size if you want to read them.

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  1. John Carver says

    Unedited material such as this has no place whatsoever in any radio studio if indeed anywhere. This is an accident just waiting to happen and, unfortunately, in this case it has.

    Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Seems to me a lot of community stations are just former pirate stations who got lucky with a license though I have no idea if this station is one of those. However professionalism seems to be optional.

    2. sheila j says

      Can you use a computer? Yes
      Want to be a DJ? Yes
      Had any radio experience? No – You’re hired

  2. Alan Blair says

    So what.

  3. Chris Knight says

    Simple the management shouldn’t allow DJs to play thier own tracks unless cleared. Most of these tracks have radio edits apart from donell Jones. We made our own version. There again until recently stations were playing George Michaels fast live with the word bullshit unedited. Smooth now play the edited version

    1. Lance Manasse says

      Even Donell Jones has an edit out there:

      “me and my ‘people’…”

  4. Mr. Robert Haynes says

    It is, believe it or not, 51 years since I was first exposed to such language like that from when I first started at Boarding School. I know that people will get away with it these days, the odd broadcast station personnel especially, because of the fact that the nation’s #1 cleaner-upper in the world of the broadcast media, Mrs. Mary Whitehouse, passed away in 2001 at the age of 91. The Prime Minister of the time, Tony Blair, could do nothing else but to scrap the organisation that Mrs. Whitehouse first set up in1964, the National Viewers & Listeners Association.

  5. Mike Rose says

    Yet another reason to put community radio out of its misery. It’s embarrassingly un-listenable enough as it is.

  6. Len Groat says

    “Urban Music”


    No wonder these tinpot local stations are dying .

  7. Dale says

    No big deal really, only swearing mistakes happen get over it

  8. Radio Geordie says

    60 swear words in an hour?
    Most artists of this genre usually have at least 60 per track, bragging about how many bitches and ho’s they’ve had, f***ing this, f***ing that, f***, f*** f***, you motherf***ers, etc.

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