Freeview capacity available for radio in Manchester

Capacity for radio stations to broadcast on Freeview has become available in the Greater Manchester area.

MTVN, owned by Entertainment Television Limited and Canis Television Media Limited, is offering space for 10 services to reach a potential of 1 million homes.

A Freeview Ofcom licence would be required, and stations would appear from channel 735 onwards on the EPG.

Canis Television Media has recently hired Mark Dodd, former CEO of Panda Radio, as its Commercial Director. He’s now responsible for new business across these platforms as well as launching new channels using IPTV.

See for more details.

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  1. Ray Woodward says

    It is (of course) only the small scale Manchester MUX which has extremely limited coverage (forget it outside of Manchester itself) …

    1. Sue says

      Local TV has been a flop may as well use the local mux,s for radio

      1. Radio Geordie says

        Or better still, Ofcom revokes all the local licences & the frequencies are reused to expand the coverage of at least one of the existing multiplexes.

  2. Mark Dodd says

    Hi Ray, actually it is not he small scale Manchester mux, which I understand only reaches central Manchester. I’m the Commercial Director for MTVN of Our capacity is much more powerful actually with our Signal stretching as far north as Bolton and Rochdale, south to Crewe and west to Warrington.
    For for further information visit our website or call me on 07768511705

  3. Mr Boltar says

    Absolutely no one listens to radio on freeview and since there are no radios that can pick it up – only TVs and STBs – its completely pointless. Bin the lot and use the bandwidth for higher quality video on the TV channels.

  4. Dave says

    I find I using the tv to listen to absolute radio in the morning use full.
    I think it,s AM hardly anyone listening to. It, s almost inposable to listen to absolute radio on AM these days

    1. mb23 says

      Digital TV is only 7% of total digital listening, so the audience for this is small.

      1. Dave says

        Radio on freeview may only have 7%, but unlike the small scale DAB it has good coverage.

      2. sue says

        It will have a much better coverage than the small scale DAB mux.

  5. Dave says

    Seems to me a good idea having radio channels on local Freeview. The small scale DAB coverage is not that good.

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