David Hamilton writes about Commercial Radio Daze

Broadcaster David Hamilton has published a second book on the radio industry – titled Commercial Radio Daze.

David describes the book a roller-coaster ride through 30 years of takeovers, mergers, and closures in a fast-changing industry and is illustrated with photographs of many of the recording stars and fellow dj`s he has worked with.

“Diddy” David Hamilton previously wrote about the Golden Days of Radio One.

Radio historian David Lloyd writes: “A book that will be well received by those curious to know what David makes of the many commercial stations who`ve been lucky enough to welcome him through their doors”

Chris Vezey, VIP Broadcasting says: “David`s font of knowledge and years of experience in the business make his opinions worth listening to.”

And Stewart Francis, former Chairman of Independent Radio Companies adds: “It`s a must-read for those who have listened to and worked for ILR at the height of its success.”

Commercial Radio Daze is available on Amazon.

Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 at 11:55 am by Roy Martin

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