Podcasting is growing in the property sector

Podcasts are covering every conceivable industry today with the property sector no exception.

Interior design is perhaps not something you’d think of as a natural podcast topic, given its
reliance on aesthetics. However, remember that there is a podcast for everything, plus interior design techniques can warrant some engrossing in-depth discussions.

It’s satisfying to click through the interior inspiration websites listed by Country Living, but these two podcasts provide deeper theory and advice to help homeowners better realise their design aims.

Young House Love Has a Podcast: This is an extension of the site run by Sherry and John Petersik. This podcast features expert advice, insightful tips, and DIY fails, delivered by its charming duo of presenters.

Affordable Interior Design: Interior and design are two words that instantly sound expensive when combined, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Betsy Helmuth uses her podcast to give listeners all sorts of savvy ways to save money when redesigning their home. 

Managing finances can be one of the more daunting aspects of property ownership, but there are more resources than ever available to make the process more straightforward. Many of these resources are online, such as the Trussle mortgage comparison service that allows people to quickly identify the best available rates for their property.

That’s an evergreen service that gives homeowners confidence in their mortgage deals, complementing topical podcasts that keep listeners up to date on changes in the financial landscape of the property sector. Here are two podcasts that assist on that front. 

The Property Podcast: This podcast has become one of the definitive voices on becoming a property investor, laying out important concepts simply to guide aspiring investors in building their portfolio. The two Robs have brought the latest property news via their podcast for over six years, with tons of episodes targeted at explaining financial processes in the sector. 

Money 101: This podcast is hosted by Bea Duncan and can be found on the BBC website. Some episodes tackle general financial issues like investing and long-term saving. However, it’s the episodes on renting, preparing for a mortgage, and borrowing money which will be most useful for those wanting extra assistance on managing their finances.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, it’s always a big decision. It’s no surprise that podcasts have been set up by individuals that can offer insight into the minutiae of the buying and selling processes, with the information provided by these two podcasts invaluable to homeowners across the world.

Real Estate Today: This is an American podcast, but the advice is universal. In 2015, Forbes ranked Real Estate Today as the top podcast for buyers and sellers, an accolade still merited five years later. Episodes cover every element of the homeowning experience, from providing tips tailored to first-time buyers to explaining how the property market changes over the seasons.

Sell Your House: This podcast series from Cliff Holmes provides comprehensive information about selling your house. The first episode of Sell Your House tackles the big question about whether to sell a property, while further episodes deliver advice on preparing your home for a sale and identifying your target buyers.

It goes without saying that this barely scratches the surface, and that there are several more top-notch podcasts for each of these categories. Whether you’ve got a specific query or a certain area of interest in the property sector, there will almost certainly be a podcast that meets your needs.

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