The world of gambling podcasts to listen to online

If you are not listening to podcasts, there may one day come a time when you become part of a minority.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular and recent statistics have shown that there were more than 15 million podcast listeners in the UK as of 2020.

Forecasts suggest that figure will rise to around 20 million by 2024.

Why listen to a podcast?

Podcasting enthusiasts consider podcasting a form of experimentation with audio. Often, these creators are passionate or knowledgeable about a specific subject and want to share their insight with the listeners. They are trying to create something different, though, so a podcast should not sound like something you would hear on the radio, according to them.

People tune into podcasts for many different reasons and can deep dive into a topic without needing to set aside to time to watch a video or read. They can tune into the podcast for entertainment or for news, tips, guidance, or advice, and learn from it while they’re driving, exercising or performing other tasks.

The explosion of gambling podcasts

In the last few years, online gambling has become popular in a big way. Just now, the global market is valued at $59 billion. That figure looks set to grow, according to forecasts, to as much as $92.9 billion in 2023.

The fact that online gaming has grown so popular means that some enthusiasts out there have been creating podcasts for gambling fans.

These podcasts deal with different aspects of gambling and different topics related to it. Some look at the Vegas scene and what is going on there. Others focus on gambling strategy, providing tips and advice for players to up their game and improve their betting strategies, especially at the casino tables. For example, the most common topic is how to win money in casino – as this understandably comes up a lot! Then there are others that cover anything related to gambling, whether that is gambling in the movies, most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about casinos or tips and advice for different games.

There has been a rise in online gambling games in recent years. The importance of gambling tips and advice Gambling is exciting. There is no denying that. When you are starting out, however, it’s important to listen to tips and advice or read them on blog.

Bingo is a popular gambling game and more players are now signing up for online bingo. In particular new bingo players will research for the best bingo tips and tricks before they play a bingo game. Other casino players may try to find pieces of strategic advice for poker, blackjack, or other casino games.

You may be enthusiastic and want to play your own game, but it is essential to take the advice on board so that you can perform better and increase your chances of winning. For instance, not reading tips on blogs could see you sit down at the wrong game of poker, prepare yourself poorly for a game or, if a game does not go your way, play into your opponents’ hands by becoming flustered easily.

Below are a few podcasts you may wish to tune into so you can bring your A game when gambling in an establishment or online:

Gambling With an Edge

This podcast, hosted by Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin, is a must for anyone who gambles regularly and wants to up their game.

The show provides quality content and advice for people who wish to improve their betting.

You will listen to interviews with professional gamblers and guests from related industries, such as gambling law attorneys or professional pool players, and hear discussions about gambling and games, including blackjack and gin rummy.

Gambling With an Edge’ is as much about the listeners as about the guests, though. Some episodes do not feature any guests. Instead, the hosts dedicate the episode to answer listeners’ questions.

The Breakdown Poker Podcast

Hosted by ‘The Poker Guys’, Grant and Jonathan, ‘Then Breakdown Poker Podcast’ is one of the most popular poker podcasts around and has several thousands of listeners.

It does not matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner when you tune into this one. The podcast is excellent for picking up tips and strategies for playing poker through the presenter’s analysis of big-time poker hands.

The Action Network Sports Betting Podcast

This popular podcast is a fan for anyone as passionate about betting as about sport. The podcast covers lots of different areas, making it ideal whether you are a fan of fantasy sports betting or into spread betting and are looking for tips from seasoned gamblers.

The team are joined by journalists, gambling veterans and other guests to discuss topics gambling enthusiasts want to hear about. These include injury updates, analytics-driven projections, inefficiencies in betting markets and more.

The Casino Business Podcast

On the “Casino Business Podcast”, presenter and casino marketing tech company CEO Craig Shacklett speaks to industry experts about the latest news and trends in the casino industry, as well as help to provide tips that every player should know. This podcast is as much about the world of casinos as it is about helping players to win at the tables. Any player serious about winning should listen to this podcast.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and are a superb way for people who enjoy casino games and sports betting to pick up tips to improve their game in a convenient format. As well as being a source of info, they are a tremendous form of entertainment.

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