The best gaming podcasts to end 2021 with

We are now slap-bang in the middle of the festive season, and we all know how that generally influences most our activities and hobbies.

If it isn’t a festive cookie and coffee, its festive books, films and podcasts. One thing that many gamers are particularly fond of is tuning in to gaming podcasts around the festive season to perhaps get wind of some promotions and seasonal tips or goodies to add to their experience. Below is an exact list of the best podcasts to end your 2021 with.

Overtime on Inferno Weekly CSGO News

CSGO gamers will rejoice. When it comes to finding gaming podcasts directly related to this new world of casino and skins gambling, there are not many out there, until this one came around. The podcast discusses the best CSGOBook list of sites, in addition to the latest hotspots when it comes to grabbing daily promotions, giveaways, and new games in the market to gamble on.

If you are completely new to the CSGO scene, do not feel intimidated. In fact, it is best you jump on the bandwagon sooner rather than later, as it is expected that this form of gaming experience is about to take over many traditional casinos and gaming sites available online. Head on over to Overtime on Inferno!

Professor Slots

As you have probably gathered by the name, this podcast elaborates on all things slots. Hosted by Jon Friedl, this podcast really explains slot gambling from the very basics.

Everything from terms such as Return to Player, slot volatility, the best slot game developers and machines to start off on, in addition to the ones with the worst odds will be discussed.

Many reviews state that this podcast helped beginners really understand the world of slots from a technical point of view. Sure, all you usually need to do is spin the reels and set a wager, but apparently from Friedl’s point of view there is much more to learn and identify within your pending experience. Also, not forgetting that Freidl usually sets himself up with great affiliates, you can more than certainly land a couple of promotions for some of the best gambling sites on the internet this festive season. It is the season of giving after all.

The Comped Travel Casino Business Podcast

The next podcast brings value to the traveling gamers out there. If you are one to enjoy travelling and country hopping, exploring the casinos that are offered to you, Craig Shacklett the podcast director may have a point or two that should definitely come with value to you and your gambling journeys ahead.

Craig discussed what every traveller should know, do and have with them when entering a casino within a different country. In addition to some expert advice for making sure you hit the casino tables with the best advantage possible. Whether it be sections of a casino table that you should not sit at, to low-key strategies of betting with the best potential, Craig provides those fundamentals to those seeking it.

Gambling News Podcast

For the sports bettors out there, do not worry, we did not forget you. While the Gambling News Podcast provides all the alternatives when gambling is concerned, there are multiple episodes weekly that address the change in the sports gambling industry, the best odds for upcoming matches and tournaments, in addition to addressing the technical specifics when it comes to trying exotic bets, which everyone knows is not easy.

Casino Kombat

Last but not least, we have the podcast called Casino Kombat. This title in particular is definitely a more ‘all-round’ kind of gambling resource. While the others listed above are more specific to their niche, the host (Ramblin Gambler) teaches his listeners the principles of all things gambling. Whether it be more niche specific per episode, discussing strategies like the Martingale strategy, to ways of predicting where a roulette wheel actually lands based on croupier bias, it's a great one to start on if you know absolutely nothing about casinos and gambling.

Having confidence when you start gambling is definitely a good thing, but making sure you understand the foundations of gambling is essential. The Ramblin Gambler provides exactly that.

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