What are the best gambling-related podcasts for beginners?

The gambling industry is growing with every day that passes.

Betting has always been a popular activity in the UK and Europe, but the introduction of the internet has taken the sector to another level.

By 2027, the market’s Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is projected to reach 11.5%, which is an eye-watering level of maturation.  

You want to get involved but aren’t a gambling expert. The problem is the sheer number of markets and sportsbooks available due to the expansion of the industry. Figuring out which bets you should make and on which sports or casino games is challenging. Thankfully, podcasts are informative and entertaining in equal measure, making them the perfect partner for beginners.  

What Are the Benefits of Podcasts?  

Firstly, the size of the industry is an advantage for gambling beginners. Although scrolling through several pages of podcasts is daunting, it’s better to have more options than fewer options. That way, you can cherry-pick the best strategies from different platforms and utilise them within your betting strategy. The good news is it isn’t tough to do when there are 48 million podcast episodes and over two million active podcasts, up from 500,000 in 2019. Inevitably, thousands of them focus on wagering verticals.  

The unconventional nature of the structure makes for a heightened user experience, too. Gambling is complicated, and a 60-minute programme won’t reveal the small details that make all the difference. With legacy media, an hour is a standard timeslot. Podcasts, on the other hand, can last for hours. The Joe Rogan Experience is a prime example, and his episode with professional poker player Dan Bilzerian is an excellent introduction to online and offline poker events for players just starting. Poker is a popular vertical, but a single podcast may centre around sports, eSports, slot machines, and live casino offerings. 

Don’t underestimate the informality of podcasts. Although they are long, you can dip in and out of episodes, giving you the freedom to research concepts raised on a show. Or the audio will play in the background while you Google everything which sites and apps to register with to the best bonus promos. What’s great about this feature is that it lets you combine separate tools to maximum effect, such as review websites. Reviews are essential because they are unbiased, so you know you can trust the best slot sites and sportsbook operators when they rank highly since the info is from third parties, not from people with skin in the game. Therefore, a review platform can validate a recommended service that you hear about while listening to a gambling podcast.  

Top Gambling Podcasts to Follow  

‘Bet the Board’ – Payne Insider and Todd Fuhrman  

‘Bet the Board’ is a sports betting podcast that mainly concentrates on the NFL and college American football. It’s quite specialist, but the game is growing rapidly outside of North America, with 14.9 million fans in the UK alone. What you’ll enjoy about this show is the setup. Payne Insider is a professional gambler, so he has the inside scoop on the things you should be doing and not doing. Todd Fuhrman is the interviewer, yet he also used to be a bookmaker in Las Vegas. Therefore, he enlightens the audience about the corporate side of things. Apart from being interesting, the Bet the Board podcast constantly drops knowledge bombs that you can use when you place bets.  

‘You Can Bet on That’ – Mark DeVol and Dr Mike  

If you want a podcast that’s motivated by casual bettors, ‘You Can Bet on That’ is a brilliant place to start your journey. Not only does the content talk about everything from craps to baccarat and blackjack, but the hosts are excellent teachers. By breaking the concepts and strategies down into bite-size chunks, you’ll leave the show knowing a lot more about the basics of casino games, both online and offline. The content leans on what is happening in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, yet that’s not a big deal because what happens in these cities has a knock-on effect globally.  

‘Against All Odds’ – Cousin Sal  

Cousin Sal’s podcast is not as statistically intense as the others on this list. While stats are vital to some people, it’s important to remember that podcasts should also be entertaining.

‘Against All Odds’ strikes a balance between informing and entertaining by inviting his friends to talk about their recent casino escapades. Depending on what they’ve gambled on that week, you may learn about Premier League and cricket news or WWE and political events.  

‘Dream Preview’ – RJ Bell 

Pivoting back to sports, RJ Bell provides expert analysis to the masses for free. Yes, you don’t have to pay for the ‘Dream Preview’ podcast, which is always nice when you’re not sure if you will continue listening in the long run. However, the content isn’t low-grade since Bell’s podcast colleagues Brad Powers and Steve Fezzik are on hand to deliver the necessary statistics. Powers and Fezzik are pro gamblers, so their knowledge is on point.

Whether it’s casino games or sportsbooks, podcasts are savvy ways to learn about how the industry works, and how you can leverage the information to enhance your playing experience.

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