Top 5 radio stations and podcasts to listen to whilst playing online

The internet has made it possible to not only access your favourite radio stations across all devices but it’s also made so many more things easily available and convenient.

Banking, shopping, ordering food to your door, virtual meetings – even online gambling. 
On that note, we’re here today to explore what online gamers typically like to listen to when they play games and bet online. The world of online gambling and gaming is a huge and diverse industry, much like the radio industry. Whatever music or radio genre you’re into, you will be able to find a suitable radio station and podcast catering to your needs. 
The same goes for online gambling sites. No matter whether you enjoy playing at online casinos or you prefer to bet at sports betting sites and esports betting sites, you have so much choice at your fingertips. So, what do avid gamblers listen to when they play online? 
According to leading UK gambling guide, many gamblers prefer to listen to music on their favoured radio station or listen to their favourite podcasts to deliver some well need background entertainment.

This got us thinking, what are the best radio stations to listen to when you play online? Here are our top 5 radio channels/podcasts and why we’re digging them. If you haven’t come across them yet and they seem to match your interests, why not check them out?
Planet Rock

Planet Rock is the UK’s biggest rock radio station. If rock and metal are your go-to music genre, this channel is well worth powering up. Planet Rock can be enjoyed on digital radio, smart speaker (just say Play Planet Rock), digital TV, online and on the free Planet Rock app. Planet Rock nicely covers old hits to newer rock hits. The Planet Rock team, comprised of knowledgeable hosts, are based at Bauer Radio’s National HQ at One Golden Square, London.
Magic Radio

At the other end of the spectrum, Magic Radio has firmly made its way onto our list. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the UK’s favourite upbeat radio station. Magic Radio is the ultimate feel-good, contemporary independent local radio and national radio station based in London that plays songs that listeners know and love. Magic Radio is generally enjoyed by 25-54-year-olds and is a perfect accompaniment to playing online slots, Slingo and bingo.
Absolute 80s 

Absolute 80s allows those who want to reconnect with the tunes of their 80s youth or those who have just discovered that the 80s was an epic decade for music. Unlike rival Heart 80s, Absolute 80s is generally more rock music-focused, though there are some credible pop hits playing from the decade too. It’s also a sister Radio station to Absolute Rock, which is another highly recommended station and similar to the aforementioned Planet Rock.

If you’re sports betting online, TalkSport radio is the perfect accompaniment. Indeed, banter and football banter, in particular, is what TalkSport mainly consists of, with ex-professional sportsman banter, the 19th hole banter, laidback banter and controversial banter to enjoy. TalkSport is a great station to tune into if you’re all about your sports. It’s fun, authoritative (on football at least…) and it knows its audience extremely well. 
The All-New Fonejacker Podcast 

We’re throwing in a podcast here instead of another radio station because podcasts are exceptionally popular with online gamers. The All-New Fonejacker Podcast is based on the hit comedy TV series Fonejacker, much to the delight of eager fans. 

This podcast is a perfect way to inject some comedy into your evening. The Fonejacker Podcast features 100% brand new prank calls from the BAFTA award-winning Fonejacker himself – Kayvan Novak. Featuring classic characters like car salesman Terry Tibbs, serial complainer Dufrais Constantinople, Art Critic Brian Badonde, Internet Service Providing’s, this podcast is already a hit with many. We think it’s got great entertainment and is a perfect Podcast to put on to add to an online gaming session.

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