The most popular podcasts in New Zealand

We always wonder about the best and quickest way to beat boredom when we are on the way to work or home. Forget about the social media platforms because the podcast is, today, a leading trend that continues to grow each year. Podcasting has also reached a wider audience in New Zealand making it a major trend shaping the society there. 

As its name indicates, a podcast means a series of audio or video files that the listeners or viewers can download to listen to at their convenience. One reason for podcasts’ boom is their practicality to enable the users to listen to audio episodes while maintaining their daily routines. As they offer a more suitable way to get informed, here are the highest rating podcasts to listen to in New Zealand.

RNZ Podcast

RNZ Podcast is created to amplify local voices with the purpose to deliver excellent content from casino news to politics to the listeners. This popular podcast provides entertainment and education in the common vision to encourage the development of New Zealand. 

Gambling enthusiasts are also able to listen to podcasts or read the news about casino websites, gambling industry and lotto providers. It depends on what they prefer listening to or reading. The RNZ podcasts can be reached for free on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.

BBC Podcast

BBC Podcast is a radio programme available as a podcast, meaning that various themes can be listened to. With this award-winning podcast, you can download or listen to the majority of podcasts for free on your computer from the BBC Sounds website or apps. It is worth mentioning that various podcasts can be downloaded for free from this website. 

As for the BBC Sounds app, the users can download the content directly from the website. To reach the BBC Podcast, after searching in Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store, and the podcast subscription app, you just follow the setting to allow podcasts to be downloaded automatically.

Radio National Podcast

Radio National is the reputed radio in Australia that offers a large non-commercial radio network. Run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, they provide several podcasts on their programmes covering a wide array of topics such as gaming legislation, religion, science, and health. 

The celebrities’ portraits and interviews can also be listened to in the Podcast to spice up your listening routine. The users are allowed to download the RN podcasts and explore the digital feature articles and videos of their choice. Those who want to interact with the radio presenters are permitted to connect by email or on social media.

NewsTalk ZB Podcast

NewsTalk ZB Podcast is one of the top five podcasts in New Zealand that has built a large audience with 2.27 million in 2021. NewsTalk ZB advances its policy to be Kiwi’s leading audio firm with various listeners that have continued to increase thanks to the talk network. 

The users who want to get informed about the last news on the online radio shows are required to subscribe to their podcasts. They can, for example, enlarge their knowledge with the hottest breakfast show presented by Mike Hosking. From the breaking news to the interesting debates and discussions, Newstalk ZB brings a new opportunity to keep aware of the latest news in a recreational mood.

Nuku Women podcasts

The NUKU is a well-known movement created to tell the stories of 100 native women that have become leaders through podcasts. The nonprofit organisation has a mission to provide a wide range of representations of leadership, systems change, and success. 

The stories of 100 indigenous women are displayed via books, videography, photography, sports events, and audio podcasts helping the listeners and readers to explore the world with different views. Nuku podcasters have, thus, become attractive not only among the women but the listeners who want to grow an opportunity to shape the world they want.


With the incredible growing interest in podcasts and even in online casinos, we live in an era where we are able to teach and learn while keeping entertained. Imagine that you can keep entertained by a man or woman who just speaks into the microphone. They can provide the latest concrete news and can make you laugh or furious. 

New Zealand is renowned for its several talented podcasters making podcasting a profitable industry there. Some of the most renowned kiwi podcasts that are seducing great names and audiences include BBC, RNZ, Nuku Women, Radio National, and NewsTalk ZB.

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