Top eSports betting podcasts to follow

Podcasting is being heavily reshaped in the esports betting industry with a wide range of podcasts covering the latest news and interesting topics. The dramatic growth of electronic sports provides endless possibilities for enthusiasts to play and bet on a massive array of sports at their convenience. 

The podcasts on esports betting have, as a result, become a centre of interest for the punters as they reveal all about the best tips and the latest trends that they shouldn’t miss. With the help of which reviews casinos and sports sites not registered with GamStop. Whether you are a highly skilled gambler or a beginner looking to learn about esports gambling, here are the best podcasts that provide bulky information related to this area.


Preediction is Blue Wire’s esports podcast coverage created to supply a range of esports topic ideas. A wide choice of subjects is offered to the listeners, and each week, the episodes cover topics based on Dota 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Teamfight Tactics, and Rocket League. 

The esports business is also the main discussion which is a common interesting topic. Animated by Barra and Aggro, Preediction is a top-rated podcast producing interesting topics that are expertly discussed. With the excellent duo of animators, the great insight into the future storylines, and the effective strategies revealed by the expert guests, Prediction is unsurprisingly highly recommended for beginners and professionals.

Esports Minute

The listeners who don’t have a lot of time to listen to a podcast on eSports should opt for Esports Minute. In fact, as its name indicates, Esports Minute only takes 90 seconds animated by the Esports connoisseur Kevin Correa who is backed by Esportz Network. 

Each week, this popular podcaster brings the bettors the latest and most important news in only 90 seconds. Those who have enough time should, thus, check out longer podcasts and full interviews on the Esports Network Podcast. The discussions on the newest developments and headlines in esports are waiting for them on this alternative podcast.

The eSports Rewind

Rewind eSports is a well-known gaming company appreciated for providing video games and other services. This firm’s podcast is dedicated to the bettors who want to learn about effective strategies to increase their chance of winning. In fact, The eSports Rewind is a weekly podcast covering the tournaments, news, and stories from the world of esports and gaming. 

If you are interested in this topic and know how GamtStop affected eSports industry, this is a great podcast for you. The professional bettors’ analyses provide more tips regarding the esports sphere. The listeners who want to learn about the latest happenings in the esports world can subscribe to eSports Rewind.

Esports Wrap

Keeping up to date with the latest news in the world of esports can be a difficult task because of the wide array of games and competitive sports to follow. With Esports Wrap, you will be provided with a glimpse at the esports industry through the biggest stories. 

This enormous weekly podcast actually gives you news, reviews, and interviews that you need to be more informed about. One of the reasons to make this podcast appreciated among the listeners is the esports experts who are often invited to give further information through an interview.

The Academy of eSports

Hosted by James O’Hagan, the Academy of eSports is a podcast for parents, educators, and industry advocates. The podcast discusses the opportunities, innovations, adventures, and challenges to be found in education and esports. 

The guests are invited each week to share their expertise in a conversational way by exploring how the responsibly designed school esports programmes will impact the athletic culture and broaden opportunities for students. As the Academy of eSports focuses on the importance of playing, the initiative to increase career and collegiate scholarship is the esports podcast’s primary goal.


The eSports betting podcasts are effective ways to be informed about the latest news and new topics to be learnt. Esports has grown at a rapid pace, with more competitions, big teams, and millions of players watching their favourite gamers. eSports is one of the most popular topics among GamStop customers because of many reasons. 

Podcasting is an effective option to expand this sector and reach the punters in the world. This podcast network covers different topics with multiple episodes per week hosted by experts. Some of the esports podcasts have become popular that should consider being checked out as they give the listeners complete tools they need in order to become the best in the world of esports.

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