Ways to promote your podcast in 2022

The podcast industry is on the rise as one of the most popular mediums of communicating information.

Since it is such a large ecosystem, there are several service providers for anyone to create their own podcast on, and in fact, many people do! Podcasts can be found on every topic under the sun, which makes it even more difficult for a podcast to stand out.

Therefore, what tools and tactics can you use to ensure that your podcast stands out in such a crowded field? Here we provide you with some sure-fire ways to get your podcast noticed.

Have your own social media account

Whether on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok, social media is the most effective and widespread way of keeping the world updated. With the right hashtags, users will have easier access to your account, and at the same time this is a fantastic way to keep new audience members feeling involved by referencing old episodes and promoting upcoming ones. They can follow the conversation even though they’ve jumped in late. With the right set up and referencing you can also choose older episodes that can become relevant to current events, thus allowing you to promote yourself even with old content. This ensures that you are easily accessible to your audience. Another way to promote your podcast is to pay for advertisements, however, this is costly and not organic.

Having a website and a blog post section

If creative freedom is what you are after and what makes you tick, then the best way to achieve this is with your own website. Your ‘online home’ will provide detailed information on the podcast and its episodes. It can also archive older episodes or transcripts for new listeners. You can use it to highlight upcoming guests and their work, or simply use it as a blogging platform. Your blogs could give a behind-the-scenes look into your podcasts, or even focus on discussing themes of the day.

Whatever you decide to write about, and whichever approach you choose to take, there is one thing that you must do – keep your blog up to date, or you will lose audience primarily because search engines will no longer pay any attention to it.

Collaborate with other podcasters

Every podcast has its own niche that sets it apart from others. What is interesting is that a debate between podcast hosts can bring to light diverging points of view on a topic, giving the audience a deeper and more balanced insight. It also boosts the podcast’s profile, and hosts can, at that stage, use the episode as a ‘bonus’ in their respective feeds. If working smartly together they could share an audience, and even attract the attention of advertisers.

Feature on a blog post or an influencer’s platform

Podcasters can attract a more diverse audience when they feature on different platforms and take a variety of approaches to promoting their podcasts. Two effective ways of promotion are to feature on a credible influencer's social media posts or to feature on a popular blog. Essentially, this invites the influencers' audience or bloggers’ audiences to your podcast. This may translate to growth in new viewers to your podcast. At that stage, the quality of your podcasts is what will determine whether the new audience on your platform will listen to more than one episode and thereafter recommend you to friends.

Start a newsletter

A digital newsletter keeps your audience informed and promotes your podcast. A newsletter keeps the audience updated on current or upcoming episodes, as well as current or upcoming live events. Some may even use a newsletter to inform their listeners of news they might find interesting surrounding a specific topic. For example, a casino-based podcast may share news with its listeners via a newsletter when a famous online casino starts to release the most popular games on their platform.


Podcasts are a brilliant method of communication. You can speak on a topic you are enthusiastic about, where others with the same interest are drawn in to connect. As mentioned earlier, with podcasts, the possibilities are endless and so can your audience be.

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