A simple guide on how to advertise casinos on the radio

The gambling market is very competitive, and if you own a casino, you must be aware of the variety of advertising channels you need to use to stay ahead of others. If you are thinking about expanding your reach through radio ads, here are all the key points you should be aware of.

The Impact of Radio Ads

People can easily find out about new casinos through radio ads, but the advertisers need to be careful not to break certain rules that might be in place. New Zealand, for example, introduced a Gambling Advertising Code that focuses on protecting vulnerable groups, mainly children, from harmful ad messages. However, podcasts and radio shows are mostly used by older generations who can benefit from the ads by getting useful information about the top gambling operators. A great example of a legal and reputable casino is Skycity in NZ which has a land-based venue as well as an online portal. 

The UK Regulations

In the UK, only the operators that hold a valid license issued by the Gambling Commission are allowed to advertise on the air. Moreover, they need to follow the rules laid out by the Advertising Codes of Practices. The rules strictly define that the ads can only promote responsible spending and gaming, without attempting to attract the audiences by giving false hopes about big wins. Moreover, wagering must not be compared with popular and attractive topics like sensuality or financial independence, and most importantly, the target audience must not include children and young adults in any way. To summarize, operators are not allowed to air any examples of irresponsible or aggressive messages, or else they will be faced with strict fines.

How Effective is Radio Advertising?

In 2020, the UK Gambling Commission conducted a study where they analyzed the engagement of consumers with different types of gambling ads. The results of the study confirmed the positive effect that radio ads and ads features in podcast shows have on user engagement. More than 50% of the respondents stated how they are exposed to promotional clips on the radio at least once per week, and a third of the respondents claimed that the ads persuaded them to actually try a new product or service.

Tips for Advertising on the Radio

Take a look at the following tips that will help you get the most out of your new radio ads:

Put Effort in Ad Creation

Since radio ads are audio-only, with no visual components that can help them stand out, you should focus on hiring a person with an amazing voice to read the script. As for the script itself, make sure you present all the relevant information in a concise way because the ad will be quite short in duration. Do your best to make it sound exciting, and finish the pitch with a tempting call to action or an attractive offer that will definitely spark interest among the listeners. 

Choose the Right Station

Before you pick a sports radio station you would like to be featured on, make sure it actually supports gambling ads, since not all of them do. Once you find the station that fits in with your marketing plan, you also need to select a sports betting program where the ad is supposed to run because it can only be aired during a gambling-related program. Although this may sound too restrictive, it is a sure way to reach your ideal target customers as only the people already interested in gambling will be listening. 

Join an Interview

As an owner of a gambling establishment, you should consider joining a sports-related episode that deals with casinos or any other topic that involves gambling. Since radio advertising is highly beneficial for online casino sites, and much more affordable than many other types of marketing, showcasing your business on-air and inviting new members to sign up and get special offers could skyrocket the popularity of your platform.

Organize a Podcast Review

Online radios have been growing in popularity for a while now, and nowadays there are many sports-related podcasts that are quite popular among listeners. One way to include podcasts in your marketing strategy is to allow an online gambling expert to review your platform and present it in one of the shows. As the majority of today’s online punters choose new websites based on honest industry reviews, such a move will cause a serious increase in the number of new members on your platform. 

Running a casino business and taking care of all the marketing components is a lot of work, but with the right set of tips, you can easily go a step further and get your name out there through powerful and well-placed radio ads.

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