Four in 10 Brits listen to podcasts every day

While podcasts certainly have risen in popularity, due to the circumstances that have taken place across the globe, working from home allowed us to truly express ourselves and what we like to do, or listen to as we are working.

However, from data released by the UK’s regional Apple software, Podcasts are being listened to by over a third (41%) of the population of the UK. Huge podcasts such as Diary of a CEO and Making Conversations Count, are the regular episodes that Brits have been tuning in religiously for some time.

Even gambling podcasts with tips and hacks to conquer the gambling community and the Slot Sites of the internet have peaked, with more and more gamblers having taken the limelight this pandemic too. In general, the increasing prominence of the internet and all its marketing tools, has allowed a huge branching of social media platforms to expand, with podcasts being of the most popular of course.

 With the recent numbers and stats telling us just how engrossed UK listeners are when it comes to podcasts, 41% does not represent the total volume of listeners, but rather the active number of current people who are downloading, following, and consistently engaging frequently with each episode of the podcasts that interest them. The popularity of podcasts within the UK has certainly come a long way in such a short time, that we will say.

The UK in fact, is probably going to become the biggest podcast scene, globally. Which after such a short space of time, for such a surge in popularity and ongoing engagement, it makes complete sense how the numbers can escalate even further. While during the pandemic, many sought to improve their health and overall lifestyles, podcasts in a way extended that personal motivation directly to your ear. Practically all the best mental and physical coaches of the times such as Joe Wicks, have flourished by extending their reach via a podcast. The natural organic engagement that comes from having such influence geographically, makes making a podcast successful very easy. This is why most popular podcasts today are ones that provide more than stories, but morale and most importantly easily digested information that contributes value to everyday life. 

Digestible information that can be readily accessible from just the simplest connection to your mobile data, is very reminiscent of the good old days where radio was the mainstream access to information. While radio is still appreciated, podcasts are more ‘in’ for the younger generations who have spent most of their life being attuned to everyday social media and the internet in general. Podcasts are just way more personal and up-close to your everyday life and routine. All the famous household presenters on radios have already taken the hint and pushed their own series of podcasts online, as a way to engage both spectrums of their engaging audience, and that certainly is a clever way of doing it. But are the general public just after more than just your usual lifestyle conversation and celebrity gossip? We think so.

 There are approximately 350,000 relevant and closely listened to podcasts within the UK. For business owners especially, tuning into the podcast platform in the earlier days before the current prevalence definitely worked in their favour. We are seeing podcasts from successful old-school bloggers, who now use the podcast as an extension of their blogging platforms, staying true to their niche but opening the possibility of further affiliate partnerships.

Business and marketing are a larger reason for further push from businesses on the podcast front, as most of the time if you bang on a quick but efficient affiliate ad at the beginning of a podcast, there is the huge likelihood that listeners will still stay tuned in, as they want the value of the content that is promised to be served. 

Now with podcasts serving up episodes and series on practically every niche imaginable-you can actually travel the world and listen in to adventures from Bear Grylls amongst others, podcasts are literally connecting us with all corners of the globe, and the relevant issues that make us humans tick. There is even more reason to check out trending podcast episodes on the App Store, because who knows what mysteries are yet to be found out, all from the palm of your hand.

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