Follow talkSPORT’s coverage of UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

The world’s biggest sports radio station is there every step of the way as the Lionesses of England make their way through the UEFA Women’s Euro tournament on home soil.

talkSPORT is broadcasting all England and Northern Ireland games as well as other important games in the tournament.

With analysis, updates and commentary to go along with that, there’ll be plenty of coverage to keep football fans entertained this summer.

Of course, the occurrence of a football tournament of this size also means that people will be eager to place bets on the results. While this will never not be risky, there are still steps you can take to boost your chances of taking home winnings. Read along for tips on how you need to prepare before betting – including what to take note of during game broadcasts, which analyses to pay special attention to and much more.

Follow expert analyses and odds closely

Too many fans place their bets solely based on hearsay from friends and other fans. While these people may be right at times, we all have our biases, and information gets twisted when passed on – and the further it travels from its original source, the less likely people are to fact-check or question whether it’s outdated.

So, to make sure you’re getting the most accurate assessments based on facts instead of feelings, stick to trusted sports news sources like talkSPORT, Sky Sports, etc. And don’t place your bets on just any betting site: Guides like specialise in rating the best sites for betting and other types of gambling. By using one of these, you can comb through several betting sites – allowing you to make sure you’re getting the best combination of odds and bonuses available.

Research previous performances and current team conditions

When listening to the coverage of tournament games and analyses, pay special attention to the condition that the teams are currently in. How have they been performing in qualification games? Are any players freshly recovered from injuries, and how have they bounced back?

Do they seem in good spirits in interviews? Do they have fans in the crowd to support them, and if not, how do they usually deal with this?

Going into the tournament, predictions were that England would feel right at home playing on familiar soil. The Netherlands were however also showing excellent form – and with the tournament now in full swing, things can easily take an unexpected turn just over the course of a single game. So, always stay updated on the latest live coverage and analyses to ensure you’re not betting on outdated predictions.

Don’t get overexcited: Control your betting and assess the risk.

An unfortunate danger of live coverage is that as a listener, it’s easy to get swept up in the euphoria when your team is on a roll. This is why listening to the in-depth analyses and interviews with experts and players reflecting on their performance before and after the games is just as important as the games themselves – if not more so.

Getting the full picture is paramount to making an informed decision on whether to bet or not.

By blinding yourself to the faults of your team, it’s easy to convince yourself that you can just win back lost money by betting on the next game. But if all analyses point to your team exiting the tournament soon, it’s best to face the facts and save your money.

If you’re finding this hard, you may be experiencing symptoms of a gambling addiction. If this is the case, we encourage you to utilise these resources for help and support for problem gambling listed by the NHS. When you take care of yourself, you get to continue enjoying the thrill of following a game live on-air – without worrying that it’ll destroy your finances. So always gamble responsibly and reach out if you need help.

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