Where is the future of radio and entertainment headed?

Whether it be through cinemas, radio, TV, or other forms of modern media, entertainment has always had a place in our society.

Judging by how the human brain is wired, it’s safe to say there will always be a need for it in some form or another. The only question is, where is it headed in the future?

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The lockdowns offered a glimpse into the human psyche

Now that most of the western world has come out of the worst and lockdowns are no longer a thing (fingers crossed), we can take a look back at the last couple of years to see what forms of entertainment people were turning that allowed them to cope with the situation better.

Right off the bat, we can spot a rise in popularity when it comes to anything and everything digital, be it eCommerce, gaming, streaming, or online casino offerings. This signals the fact that human needs and cravings stay the same even though the circumstances might change.

We were fortunate enough that these digital alternatives were already there before the crisis struck, so the offline crowd simply switched over and called it a day. For instance, the die-hard cinema fans were watching movies at home at the time, those who can’t resist going on a shopping spree were able to satisfy their cravings online, and so on and so forth.

In concrete numbers, the US eCommerce industry grew by 14.2% in 2021. Although a similar trend was observed in other industries, the question is whether these numbers will carry over to the years that lie ahead. But something is for certain – the need for entertainment is there and it won’t be going away any time soon.

Connectivity is introducing new opportunities and driving growth

We live in times where the smartphone most of us carry in our back-pocket is more powerful than the top-end desktop computers from mere decades ago. Combine this with the widespread availability of the internet and the world’s recent embrace of 5G technology, and the doors are wide open to high fidelity entertainment on the go that comes in every shape and form you can imagine.

Nowadays, you could even have a Netflix night in the middle of a deserted forest if you wanted to. Or play video games in the same location without compromising on the quality of the experience. These trends signal the arrival of location-independent entertainment which is where things seem to be headed. The technology is there and so is the connectivity. Now we just need to see what the brilliant minds of our time can come up with to utilize the rapidly evolving state of technology and unlock its maximum potential.

The live experience is not dead

When the world gradually started reopening, we were once again able to take part in concerts and other live events without excessive restrictions. And although people had to mostly do without them for almost three full years, they were ecstatic to see their return. Clearly, the live experience is not dead and neither is in-person entertainment.


Based on these findings and observations, it’s safe to conclude that the two forms of entertainment, both analog and digital, have a place in our hearts and thus are likely to co-exist in the future. As we move forward through the twenties, the narrative will become clear and we might find ourselves taken aback by the miracles that modern technology is yet to bring about.

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