Can radio and sounds can entice your brain to gamble

Ever wondered what makes a casino experience so special? Casino sounds or radio formats influence your brain to take more risks and gamble more.

The casino setting can influence our mood

Anyone who has stepped just once into a casino can recall the unique environment – dimmed lights, no windows, entertaining music, and distracting slot machine sounds. But have you ever wondered if these factors can impact the gambler's experience for better or worse?

The right setting

The typical casino setting intentionally blocks the outside world to maintain the gamblers' attention on the gambling machines and keep their interest drawn to the variety of games available in the casino.

Even though we may think this environment is meant to keep our focus in check, it triggers our brain to react similarly to drugs. Therefore, casinos’ settings can worsen a gambling addiction or even facilitate the steps toward one.

Slot machine sounds entrance players

Multiple studies have shown how the brain reacts to what the player sees and hears when playing electronic gambling machines. In 2016, in a study conducted on rats, the researchers at the University of British Columbia recreated a casino for rats and trained them to play games similar to gambling.

The astonishing discovery

As rats are able to make the difference between reward and punishment, the researchers examined rats' reactions to rewards and punishments in two different scenarios: playing in a casino-like environment surrounded by triggering sounds and in another quiet and dark setting.

Turns out rats were more likely to be hyperactive and kept on playing when surrounded by slot machines sounds.

Inhibiting the win-cues

The other step of this research was administering a drug that inhibited the dopamine D3 receptor; the rats' behaviour changed tremendously, blocking the increase of risk-taking behaviours while still surrounded by triggering casino sounds.

The correlation between rats' and humans' behaviour

The audio played whenever someone uses a slot machine triggers the dopamine D3 receptor to take more risks. These receptors are crucial because the dopamine D3 receptor is suspected of being correlated to gambling addiction.

Can slot machine sounds trigger gambling addiction?

Dopamine is one of the hormones and neurotransmitters which contribute to the feeling of pleasure when gambling. Several substances influence the brain while you are betting, but dopamine is one of the most important hormones that trigger gambling addiction.

The dopamine D3 receptor is activated at the sounds you encounter when playing slot game machines, which is why this audio factor plays a significant role in developing or aggravating one's gambling addiction.

The effect on human behaviour

The feeling of reward caused by these sounds is often so mesmerising the gambler does not differentiate whether they lose or win. Therefore, the player continues playing as the machines' sounds keep "rewarding" each game being played.

The psychology behind the music played in casinos

You already know that the sounds of slot machines in casinos are not the only audio aids used to create the typical casino environment. There's also very engaging music played in the background. However, the music theme is also purposely chosen.

Some casinos prefer loud music

Some casino owners prefer having high-tempo music in the background because it creates a very energetic environment and elevates people's moods, boosting the chances of them spending more money. The behaviour of the gamblers becomes more intense, and their bets are more fast-paced.

Usually, this type of setting can make others uncomfortable as punters' reactions can be more chaotic.

Other casinos choose low music tempo

You're probably wondering why certain casinos choose soother types of music in the background of a casino setting. This is because players are more relaxed and can focus on the games more easily. This is also a good thing for new gamblers because it makes them comfortable and less stressed being in a calmer and more relaxing environment.

The music influences people's choices of casino The majority of casinos choose very classical and well-known music as the customers' opinions can be easily influenced. So, if a player does not find the casino music appealing, their impression of the casino will be bad, while when a gambler enjoys the music, the chances of them coming back are higher.

Casino sounds have one mission

The human brain is definitely influenced by each sound they hear in a casino, and there's no wonder why this environment brings so much joy and pleasure to some punters. The feeling of reward is unmatchable, and the impact it has on one's welfare is deeply underestimated.

However, this does not mean you can get immediately hooked or hypnotised by these sounds each time you enter a casino. If you pay attention to these essential factors, you can still gamble safely and have an enjoyable and responsible experience.

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