BBC Radio Cumbria poem gets over 2m views on social media

A poem dedicated to the Queen, read by a seven-year-old boy on BBC Radio Cumbria, has been viewed on social media over two million times.

Lincoln Chapman, from Carlisle, read the poem called ‘I Shall Remember This’, which was written by his dad, Jonny, in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The poem was turned into a social media video and posted to Facebook on Friday, 16 September. Since then been seen all over the world with Lincoln receiving praise for his perfect reading of the poem from people as far away as New Zealand, Peru and India.

His father, Jonny, who works at BBC Radio Cumbria, said: “I’ve been really surprised by the reaction to the video and I have been writing poems for my family for 13 years. I’m overwhelmed by the response and how widely the video has been seen. Lincoln is amazing and was thinking about his own Nana and when she passed, when he read this poem in honour of the Queen.”

Jonathan Morrell, the Executive Producer of Radio Cumbria said: “We are immensely proud of what Jonny and Lincoln have done and we knew from talking to Radio Cumbria listeners that this was very special.

“We believe it captures what many in Cumbria and around the world have felt over the past 10 days or so. We are amazed at the response from sharing this on social media and it’s great to see so many people in places such as Peru, Australia, India and New Zealand loving what this talented 7 year old from Carlisle has done.”

You can watch it via BBC Radio Cumbria’s Facebook page here.

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 at 3:08 pm by Roy Martin

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