Become a Student Resident DJ with Applebum

We live in a world where the possibilities for life-long success are endless.

New industries are being carved out of the frameworks of society on a daily basis, and the internet allows us to see the big-time success of others. One of the hardest parts of the journey to lifelong success, though, is often one of the first steps – being presented with the opportunity to prove yourself and being able to seize it effectively.

Applebum’s opening for student resident DJs might just be your lucky break…

What’s the deal?

Applebum, a renowned party agency who are known for putting together some of the most iconic nights out across the UK, recently announced their new project. Applebum operates across 14 different UK cities and is looking for student resident DJs to join their ventures as warm-up artists for their main shows.

Those interested can submit an hour-long set via their website as part of their DJ ‘portfolio’, which will then be reviewed by Applebum. A selection of students will then be chosen to join them on their epic nights out across the country.

What do I need to do?

Get practicing!

The submission area is now open for you to record and submit your mix. This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring student DJs and the number of submissions is likely to be high, so ensuring you submit only your best work is key. Perfecting your mix beforehand is essential, and there are plenty of ways to do that, even if you don’t have a Dr Dre-style home studio.

For example, Pirate Studios offer professional recording studios you can practice in 18 cities across the UK, available to rent for as little as £10 per hour. Using facilities such as these to either just practice your mixing or even record your final submission could be the feat to make you stand out in the competition.

Then what?

Should you be selected, you will then have the opportunity to warm up the crowds with your mixes at Applebum’s events around the UK. As a warm-up act, your job will be to read the room and hype up the people ready for a killer show, without relying on peak bangers which will be used later on in the night to really get the party going.

This role is a great opportunity for aspiring DJs to test out their skills in a real, exciting environment. Having such an experience on your musical portfolio would make securing future jobs a lot easier. Who knows? You could be headlining Creamfields in no time.

This opportunity is an excellent springboard into the DJing community; having the chance to establish yourself as part of Applebum’s accredited team will be a superb learning curve (and a whole lot of fun, not to mention).

Sometimes the only thing between you and your success is the right opportunity. Well, this might just be the right opportunity for you. So, get in the studio practicing and get your mix submitted – there are students across the country just waiting to hear it.

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