Betting on Air: An overview of casino and gambling news on UK radio

The vibrant radio landscape in the UK offers a wonderful variety of content for every type of listener, including those intrigued by the world of gambling.

From breaking news about the latest games to tips for the keen punter, there’s a radio station catering to everyone’s betting interests. Among the multitude of radio stations and shows, a few stand out for their dedicated coverage of casino and gambling news. 

The radio stations we’re going to look at below are more than just sources of entertainment; they shape the gambling industry in tangible ways. By providing expert analysis, betting tips, and regular updates on bookmakers’ published offers, these channels significantly influence betting behaviours and market trends.

Listeners stay updated with the latest offers, which include special deals, boosted odds, and other promotions from leading bookmakers. This not only fosters a more informed gambling community but also helps listeners strategise their bets more effectively.

Let’s dive deeper into the sounds of these stations, and what type of sports coverage you can find on each. From mainstream radio stations with sports coverage to dedicated casino shows, there’s something for everyone.

Mainstream Radio

There are a few mainstream radio stations that offer excellent sports coverage with the occasional mention of betting tips for punters to follow. talkSPORT and BBC Radio 5 Live are perhaps two of the biggest in the UK:


Famed for its comprehensive coverage of sports, talkSPORT has fairly made its mark in the UK radio scene since its launch in 1995. With a dedicated focus on live sports commentary, interviews, and punditry, sports fans are sure to find some valuable tips here. 

Key gambling features on talkSPORT include:

  • The Weekend Sports Breakfast: A show offering insights into upcoming games and potential betting opportunities. Hosts Natalie Sawyer and Tony Cascarino offer tips and analysis of the weekend’s games, so you can find games that might be profitable. 
  • Hawksbee & Jacobs: Although they’re known for their humorous take on daily sports, they occasionally touch on betting tips and news. It’s a great listen for those who don’t enjoy the more dry commentary and analysis sometimes found on these shows.

BBC Radio 5 Live – Horse Racing

As a part of the esteemed BBC network, Radio 5 Live stands tall in the UK radio industry. The station covers a range of sports, with a particular focus on football. However, major golf tournaments, horse racing meets, F1, and more also have a place on the station’s programming.

BBC 5 Live Sport broadcasts daily in the evenings, from 7pm-10 or 10:30pm, and over the weekend from noon-6pm each day. While you won’t find specific betting tips or odds discussed here, there are plenty of expert analyses and tips on the latest events to give you a solid insight.

Bookmaker Radio Stations

A few prominent bookmakers in the UK have their own radio stations offering live sports commentary and insider tips and analysis. Some of the main ones include:

William Hill Radio

William Hill Radio, an offshoot of the prominent betting company, offers a specialised listening experience. The station thrives on its knowledge of gambling, offering expert analysis, tips, and breaking news.

There are also frequent interviews with industry experts, helping bettors stay informed with the latest happenings from quality sources. There are two stations to choose from: 

  • Horse Racing Radio: Live commentary and analysis of horse racing from the UK and Ireland, as well as certain international events.
  • Greyhound Racing Radio: Expert analysis and tips of greyhound racing events to assist bettors in making a choice.

Paddy Power Radio

Paddy Power is one of the most popular bookmakers in the UK and Ireland, so it comes as no surprise that their radio station is excellent for those looking to keep up with the latest gambling news and tips. It offers listeners commentary on greyhound racing and football matches across the UK and Ireland, specifically tailored towards the punter.

Programs to watch out for on Paddy Power Radio include:

  • Football: The radio has dedicated programmes for several popular sports, but perhaps the most comprehensive coverage is on football. You’ll find commentary on games from the Premier Leauge, League One, and more, so you can keep track of whether your wagers are winning or losing! 
  • From the Horse’s Mouth: This podcast (not available on the radio station) sees Ruby Walsh and Frank Hickey come together to try and pick some winning horses for listeners in upcoming races.

bet365 Radio

bet365 Radio is another key player in the bookmaker radio station market. Catering predominantly to the online gambling community, it provides up-to-date news, live sports commentary, and betting tips.

This station offers incredibly high-quality audio on sports including: 

  • Cricket 
  • Football 
  • Racing (greyhounds and horses) 
  • Rugby 
  • And sports news

Betfair Radio

Affiliated with the innovative Betfair betting exchange, Betfair Radio now owns Timeform, the UK’s best-known provider of horses’ form in the racing industry. So, this is the station to tune into when you’re looking for tips on the horses! You’ll also find the latest sports news on Betfair Radio if you want to keep up with the day’s latest events.


For avid punters or those curious about the gambling world, these radio stations offer a wealth of information and insights. From radio giants like BBC Radio 5 Live to bookmakers’ own radio stations like Betfair Radio, each provides unique content tailored to the gambling community. No matter if you’re looking for live horse racing commentary, expert analysis, or up-to-the-minute betting odds, these stations have a significant influence on the UK’s gambling landscape.

Tuning in to these stations is a way to stay informed, enjoy the exciting world of sports and betting, and perhaps even gain an edge in your betting strategies. 


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