Top 10 personal finance podcasts to follow in 2023

Have you caught the podcast bug yet? Some podcasts cover almost every subject under the sun, however, personal finance podcasts are particularly appealing at the moment.

If you want to hear some helpful tips and get some financial guidance, podcasts are more available than ever before. They’re usually free which makes them even more appealing. 

Whether you want to learn more about investment or general financial advice, the over 50 funeral plan, retirement tips, credit cards, managing debt, buying a home, or anything else financial, here are 10 personal finance podcasts you don’t want to miss.

1. BiggerPockets Money

New episodes of this podcast are released every Monday and you get more than 60 minutes of financial tips. The podcast features financial experts Scott Trench and Mondy Jensen. They interview thought leaders about spending smarter, growing wealth, earning more, and keeping more. 

Tune in and you’ll hear tips and actionable advice on how to get your finances in order once and for all. 

2. Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a twice-weekly podcast hosted by Paula Pant. Listen to her interviewing a range of people including millionaires, early retirees, investors, and entrepreneurs. You’ll hear them talking about the tough job of living a balanced life.

Paula also offers some of her advice for listeners who want to learn how to make wiser financial decisions. Topics include how to spend money, energy, attention, focus, and time. 

3. Money for the Rest of Us

Tune into the Money for the Rest of Us podcast with J David Stein. He’s a former chief investment strategist and also a money manager. Every Wednesday, for 30 minutes, he explores a vast range of money-related topics. He aims to teach his listeners how to handle their finances in ways that are easy to understand. 

Topics covered include how to invest your money, how money works, and how to live a life and not worry about money. 

4. The Money Guy Show

Every Sunday, tune in to the Money Guy Show. For 60 minutes, you hear Brian Preston and Bo Hanson hand out advice to listeners to help them make smarter financial decisions. Brian and Bo are financial planners and wealth managers so have a lot of experience to share. 

They’ll help you explore practical personal finance topics such as how to election-proof your finances and get a good deal on a car. 

5. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is considered a leading source for financial insights and a great selection of podcasts are regularly released. For example:

  • Motley Fool Money: This is a great podcast if you want investment strategist insights. The podcast is hosted by Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool analysts. 
  • Market Foolery: Tune in for a daily breakdown of investing and stock headlines. 
  • Industry Focus: A different sector is broken down every day in this podcast. Get your fix of expert insights on consumer goods, energy, technology, healthcare, and much more.  
  • Motley Fool Answers: If you’ve got a pressing question that needs an answer, submit it to and you’ll get podcast advice from hosts Robert Brokamp and Alison Southwick. 
  • Rule Breaker Investing: David Gardner, The Motley Fool co-founder, shares his thoughts on publicly traded companies and how you can make money from them. 

6. So Money

The host of So Money is Farnoosh Torabi. This bestselling financial author and former CNBC host is a leading authority on personal finance. In her podcast, she chronicles her financial explorations through one-of-a-kind interviews together with deep conversations about money. 

Entrepreneurs, influencers, authors, and leading experts discuss their financial perspectives, money failures, and habits. She also puts time aside to answer listeners’ financial questions.  

7. Stacking Benjamins

Personal finances don’t have to be serious and with Stacking Benjamins, you get a lighthearted and entertaining financial podcast. Numerous contributors get to take part and the show is designed to make learning about finance enjoyable.  

8. Weird Finance

A variety of topics are explored by Weird Finance, a podcast aimed at Gen Zs and millennials. The podcast aims to expand their money mindset and make them feel less alone about their situation. 

Recent topics include the realities of being unhoused and living in a car, how to make money as a financial dominatrix, and a variety of others. 

9. Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is a podcast created by friends Tiffany Aliche and Mandy Woodruff. Their show is a balance of real and timely money issues and lots of fun conversation. The advice they share is very practical and delivered in an easy-to-listen way.  

10. Her Money  

Jean Chatzky is the host of the HerMoney podcast which includes conversations with leading female financial experts and personalities. The HerMoney team tackles family, career, the gender wage gap, and countless other issues compassionately and uniquely. 

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