Why radio listeners have a sports betting advantage

Do you follow sports events on the radio? Many punters have realised that radio is the way to improve their chances of winning wagers. But how does listening to the radio help you make better choices at Unibet or other bookies? We look at the link between the two and why you, too, might want to listen to the next match:


Radio and Punters

Before TVs were popular, most people would follow matches on the radio. They would tune in to a station, hurdle, and follow the event as the broadcast continued. And while people may have thought that the love for radio would dull in the digital age, it has only increased. So, what’s the benefit, and how does this relate to punters?

  • Geographical Accessibility

Suppose you want to wager on a match in the UK but live in the US. How can you do it? Easy- you can depend on the radio broadcasts. How? Radio broadcasts are available to everyone. And you can access your favorite station no matter your location. And without a geographical barrier to information, punters can access information around the clock. Moreover, radio stations are now available online. So, punters can tune in from their phones, desktops, and other smart devices.

This accessibility makes it easier for punters to understand sports outside their regions. And they use this information to place better wagers.

  • Convenience

One of the reasons people loved radios was their convenience. They could carry the radios to their work and tune in as they eked a living. This convenience has not changed. If anything, it has become better. Since radio broadcasts are now available online, punters can listen to broadcasts anywhere at any time. It allows them to sharpen their knowledge and get live updates on commutes, in the office, at home, etc. 

  • Simultaneous Broadcasts

Radio listeners do not need to listen to one broadcast at a time. Say, for example, that teams A and B are head-to-head. A punter can switch from one station to the other to get live updates on the teams. And they can get input from the different stations to get an idea of the situation. Moreover, they can follow the whole event via radio and experience it as if they were in the field. Add the convenience of radio broadcasts, and you can see why punters would have more information.

  • Cheap Access

Think of all the resources punters can use to better their wagers. Most of them come at a fee. But radio broadcasts are accessible for free. You only need to install a radio, and are good to go. And if you have a smartphone, radio broadcasts are available online. You can tune into a station without breaking the bank. Even better, all the information offered during broadcasts is free.

  • Bonuses

Many bookies have realised that punters enjoy listening to radio broadcasts. And they now offer incentives through sports radio programs which allow punters to place wagers for less. Punters thus hedge their risks and multiply their earnings with these free incentives.

  • Live Updates

Live streams have become common as punters want to follow each moment in the match. Radio broadcasts fill this gap by having commentators describing each action in the event. A punter listening to the broadcast will know when an opportunity to place a live bet presents itself. Furthermore, listening to the match narration is entertaining and allows punters to lose themselves in the match. And since the narrations are vivid, punters do not need to rewatch the match as they can hear the cheers and recreate each moment as described.

  • Information

Besides the convenience and affordability of radio broadcasts, they are also excellent sources of information. Punters use these broadcasts for the following things:

  • To get updates on the pre-match events, e.g., resignations and injuries,
  • To listen to match predictions – many broadcasts feature debates on the likely winners. Punters can use this data to make good choices,
  • To learn about the rankings and possible changes, etc.

Punters who want to expand their knowledge can rely on sports broadcasts to cast their net wider for better earnings.


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