Greatest Hits Radio to launch new stream Ken Bruce’s Secret 60s

Bauer is launching Ken Bruce’s Secret 60s radio stream – a brand-new digital service from Greatest Hits Radio, starting on Friday 4th August.

Ken says the odd sixties song is slipped in during his usual Greatest Hits Radio playlist of songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s but this is the first time that he’ll be part of a whole station dedicated to the decade.

The station will only be available to Greatest Hits Radio Premium subscribers, but this Friday Ken’s regular Greatest Hits Radio show will be adding some sixties songs into the mix as he kicks off a 60s Summer Weekend on Greatest Hits Radio.

Listener Chris Benson, who gave the new station its name, will be Ken’s guest. Chris will be taking part in the Golden Years feature, sharing three songs from a particular year that mean a lot to him – 1966.

Ken Bruce said: “Don’t tell the bosses but I’ve been sneaking the odd sixties record into my show for a while now, so the fact that I’ve got a whole station to now play with is very exciting.

“You can expect the greatest hits, obviously, but also some buried treasure you haven’t heard in a while. I’m sure many people will agree it’s the soundtrack of our youth! I can’t wait for you to hear it, just don’t tell anyone – it’s a secret remember!”

Chris, who is from Bradford said: “I love the great mix of music from the 70s, 80s and 90s on Greatest Hits Radio but to have this secret corner with classic sixties music is brilliant. It feels as if we’re not meant to like sixties music anymore so in my head this new station is like this little underground club.

“Greatest Hits Radio taking on board my suggestion of Secret 60s as a name shows the brilliant interaction that the station has with its listeners – and being invited on the station to talk to Ken was a lovely surprise!”

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