The best gambling podcasts to follow

Podcasts are a form of entertainment and education that have become one of the major ways in which people consume audio, alongside audiobooks and music.

There are podcasts about every subject you can possibly think of, for any audience and at every level of depth and seriousness. 

Gambling is a popular subject for podcasts because it is such a common hobby, and the gambling industry is a fascinating one with a colourful history. There are podcasts about every aspect of the gambling industry, though sports betting podcasts are the most prevalent.

Whether you’re a casual gambler or a card shark in the making, there will be a podcast for you. Here is our list of the best gambling podcasts to follow:

Casino Kombat

Finding the best online casino to join can be a headache for new gamblers, especially when there are so many to choose from. While standardised criteria are used by guides to rate online casinos, personal preference plays a big part in determining which one will be the best fit for each player.

Casino Kombat adds a personal touch to their casino reviews and insights. The anonymous host, who goes by the name ‘The Ramblin’ Gambler’, provides detailed information on the casino sites he visits, and tips on how to make the odds work in your favour. The house will always win but Casino Kombat is there to help players chip away at that edge.

Vegas Confessions

The Vegas Confessions podcast isn’t quite as salacious as the title suggests it could be. Instead, it’s an engaging look into the world of Las Vegas and how the industry works. People who love travelling and researching destinations before they go will enjoy these episodes.

The show’s three hosts are enjoyable to listen to but the show’s real stars are their guests and experts. In recent episodes, they’ve talked about the arrival of Formula One, the Heart Attack Grill and doing a speed run of 93 casinos in 24 hours. Every guest they have on has a personal or professional connection to the topic being discussed.

The Gambling Files

The Gambling Files podcast is hosted by Fintan Costello and Jon Bruford, two casino experts. This podcast won’t provide listeners with tips and tricks – instead, it examines the gambling industry itself. It’s informative and has a lot to offer to listeners, even those who don’t gamble.

Their recent episode interviewing Andrew Rhodes provides an interesting look at how the UK Gambling Commission has been evolving and adapting to deal with the modern world of online gambling.

The Sports Gambling Podcast

The Sports Gambling Podcast has been running since 2011. In that period, they’ve been giving advice and information on sports betting and have managed to maintain an impressively high standard of objectivity and accuracy.

Sports gambling is immensely popular all over the world. In order to have any level of success, bettors need to be very, very well-informed. The Sports Gambling Podcast releases an episode nearly every single day, and listening to them daily can give bettors a great foundation for their betting knowledge.

The Football Academy

Football isn’t just the most beloved sport in the UK, it’s also the top betting sport in the country. Football podcasts come in all shapes and sizes, and cover all of the major international leagues. The Football Academy podcast is an English Premier League betting podcast.

The Football Academy has something to offer listeners with any degree of interest in football. For football fans who love the sport but have a limited interest in betting on matches, the hosts have a great knowledge of the sport and a playful banter that keeps the show entertaining. Bettors will appreciate the podcasts sports insights as well as their betting information. Some of their bets and betting strategies may be a bit ridiculous and that’s part of what makes them fun.

The After Gambling Podcast 

Radio has never shied away from discussing difficult topics, and podcasts have continued this tradition of investigative journalism. Gambling can be an amazingly fun hobby – it is, however, also possible for that hobby to turn into something darker.

The After Gambling Podcast just released its 100th episode. Hosted by former compulsive gambler Jamie Salsburg, each episode is a short discussion or meditation on a topic related to problem gambling. It’s a great resource for players who aren’t sure if they’re still having fun or if they’re gambling because they feel like they have to, or for those who want to gather the tools to keep gambling an enjoyable hobby. 

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